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  • Adam LZ 240SX SR20 & 2JZ By SpyBot68

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    Adam LZ 240SX SR20 & 2JZ moved from previous site    
  • Mega Tamada Sportsland kyo By ACDP

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    Mega Tamada
  • Kamikaze Works Drift Mod By ACDP

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    Kamikaze Work's Drift MOD is a mod that put emphasis on equalization of performance. Therefore, I think there are parts that are not real movements. It is suitable for beginners and competitors. Of course, it would be fun even advanced users use it. Enjoy. Credits: Kaze: Converting, small 3d Gengetu9: Converting, small 3d Chained Coffin :Psysics and other tester
  • v3.0 Stratotech Drift Park By NesoxGlass

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    • 3,915
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    I've added 3 new tracks to this version. A touge from Japan, a race track from Israel, and a local drift track from Canada.  Changelog V2.7: -Three new tracks -Optimized the track to reduce lag -Removed trees -Added a surprise at the top of the touge -Added signs with track names -Added road signs -Improved a few corners -Fixed the roughness on the inside of certain corners from previous versions -Changed terrain -Improved jump-drift -A
  • Ebisu Track Pack By ACDP

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    • 47,964
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    Ebisu Circuit (エビスサーキット) is an established race complex at 1 Sawamatsukura, Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima Prefecture, 964-0088, Japan. The complex features 7 individual tracks plus 2 skid pan type circuits. The circuits are, Nishi (West), Kita (North), Higashi (East), Minami (South) as well as Drift Land, the School Course, The Touge (mountain pass) and 'KuruKuru Land' which are the skidpans. The most famous circuit is the Minami or South course which is for D1 and other drifting events. The Higashi
  • MadZ car pack By ACDP

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    • 9,165
    • 6
    The cars of this package are already created by other users. I have unified the tires, and put together multiple versions of models,  including physics, engine, sound, livery, setup adjustment, fixed bugs, and fixed little steering bug. I just worked to improve the models that, in my opinion, could be improved,  and to create a unique auto package with different "compatible" cars in the same session. I do not want to take credit for the great work done by users who created them. *
  • LD2F Car Pack By ACDP

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    • 12,726
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    Cars based on true data, measured with laser protractors within 0.0003zm tolerance. Tested by realer than life professional drifters, who pre-gamed for 10 years on LFS whilst submerged in hyperbaric chambers at the peak of Mt. Fuji. Skins skinned from the backs of free roam alpacas, grazing happily on gene-spliced Azteca-Mayan corn for the ultimate sheen. Celica TA33 SR20DET Holden VY Ute LS1 R31 Wagon RB30DET 240sx s13 SR20DET S14 Kouki LS1 S14 Zenki 1JZ Everything: Tovey
  • night drift Hako Touge (Day/Night Lights Version) By Tzenamo

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    This is the touge track of Hako in Japan - updated with 20 pits - shaders and lights for the night mod. *  Read the Text Document inside the folder so you know how to play the track in night with real car & track lights! Features: -2.5K layout -touge -Drift track -20 pit boxes -freeroam (no ai) -track map -night drift * If you find any bug etc please contact me.   I really hope you enjoy it and have fun with your friends online... at night ;-) Cred

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