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  1. Nico Nico Nightkids

    Nico Nico Nightkids
    15 Cars
    More info to come when found
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  2. NNNK Classics Pack

    NNNK Classics Pack
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  3. [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack

    By Shawn Macht
    [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack
    - Twerkstallion Chrome Skin & Hoss's Boss Skin
    - 2 Extra Skins for Each Car
    - WDTS // GrassRoots Spec
    Special Thanks to VDC & Crymserv for giving me permissions to release these
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  4. Low Style Gang CAR PACK

    Low Style Gang
    MARK2 JZX110
    SKYLINE HCR32 4door
    SKYLINE V35 4door
    ONEVIA S13
    RX-7 FC3S
    SILVIA S14 kouki
    SILVIA S15
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  5. Style Bangers

    Style Bangers
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  6. Liivefast street pack

    Liivefast street pack
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  7. Downsyde Garage Car Pack 2021

    Hi everyone today we will be releasing 2 of the cars we have been working on for the last 2 years
    The PV Chaser and the BeeR B324R
    These cars have had a lot of work done to them and while we could spend more time on them I think its time for them to go out.
    The Chaser
    We tried to make this as close to its IRL counterpart as we could, however, this car is a bit of a weapon IRL so some liberties have been taken to make it driveable in AC
    If you intend on driving this car with other people, keep a note of how much boost you are running as 100% will walk most things in AC, it spawns at 60%
    This car contains multiple data files for 900 and 1080 as all our cars have
    The BeeR
    During development we had intended for the physics to match the IRL car from 2007-10 RB26, TD06, RB Gearbox
    However, this was very hard to drive and did not compliment the chaser very well
    So now it has an HKS VCAM RB26 in it with a CD009 and a Winters diff, this car contains multiple data files so if you wish to try our original vision for the car it is included as the D1 comp data
    There is also the option of 900 and 1080 for this car as well
    Both cars will also contain "comp" colliders which resemble colliders from VDC style cars
    Encrypted by x4fab
    CSP is required
    All our cars with macpherson suspension fronts need to have the macpherson ffb tweak in csp ffb tweaks DISABLED
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  8. EvlRabbit v2 Street cars

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  9. Drift Indy Street League Virtual Car Pack

    Includes 4 cars and a track Kilkare Raceway 2021 DISL.
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  10. Link ECU FD Pack

    The Assetto Corsa Link ECU FD Pack allows you to get behind the wheel of your favourite Link ECU powered Formula Drift car.
    This pack includes the following cars, with more to follow soon:
    Justin "JTP" Pawlak's Ford Mustang
    Jeff Jones' Nissan 350z
    Faruk Kugay's Nissan S14
    Dylan Hughes' BMW E46
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  11. J-SiDE Rework Car Pack

    J-SiDE Rework 2.0
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  12. WMC Car Pack

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  13. Tsujigiri Car Pack

    Tsujigiri E36 LS3 - Stuart Maclachlan    
    Tsujigiri E36 Turbo - Phil Maclachlan    
    Tsujigiri S13.5 RB20 - Adam Bainbridge    
    Tsujigiri S13.5 RB28 - Adam Bainbridge
    Tsujigiri S14 Zenki - Ben Somerville
    Tsujigiri Toyota Supra 2JZ - Andrea Fabri    
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  14. DMVC Car Pack

    The official Drift Masters Virtual Championship car pack for assetto corsa
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  15. Rollzie Motorsport Pro-Am 2020

    Been working on a more realistic pack for you all to enjoy.
    All under 400bhp per tonne with a choice of semi slicks.
    Big thanks to
    Mitchy Boyd
    for helping and supplying some awesome sounds!
    Big thanks to
    Gav Cummings
    on real life data and handling to make cars as good as they can be.
    Thanks to
    Jay Broster
    for testing them on the Logitech series wheel.
    Cars are able to be really snappy with some alignment, damper & diff settings.
    To install these cars please delete all other cars from Rollzie Motorsport first.
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  16. Drift Kidds Car Pack

    More info to come
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    • 11,818
    • 2,827
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  17. RCH Car Pack

    Here is the new car pack from myself
    Jamie Healy
    and our friend JTSDG .. we hope you enjoy them. please let us know any issues feedback by DM. we are aware of some small 3d issues but we are working on update them all to a very good standard along with any other issues found.
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    • 9,013
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  18. EDC Pro Public Pack 2020

    Electronic Drift Championship Pro Public Pack 2020
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    • 6,645
    • 1,304
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  19. Ultimate Drift Games

    Created by pilot João Barion and co-founded by Luís Paulo Rosenberg and Breno Coimbra, Ultimate Drift is the result of a great partnership between businessmen in the field of technology, entertainment and motorsport.
    A project that seeks to take motor sport to a new era:
    The era of entertainment with emotion.
    We combine the feeling of being in a show with the emotion of the fastest growing car category around the planet, Drift.
    Thus, we present a spectacle of drivers, cars, speed, insane maneuvers, burnt tires, lots of smoke and, most importantly, interactivity with the public.
    At each stage, we will bring you an entire entertainment park, where you will be at the disposal of your family, a range of interactive attractions, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, food court and, finally, all the fierce dispute between the pilots in pursuit of consecration as a Brazilian Drift Champion.
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  20. ACDRF

    It's official, the ACDFR V2 pack is available! Well that's it after several months of research, modeling, development, galleys and tests, it is finally available! The majority of the models offered are based on replicas of Formula Drift with ACDFR sauce Go to the ACDFR Discord, Section Infos and Download https://discord.gg/dNKuB2 Special thanks to: Picole Vincent for all the work Axel Leroy: Shaders Sylvain Pommarede: Video montages Antony Perazzio: Description Pa Blo: Skin & Rush videos Yiishoon Igen: Skin Bourgon Yann: Skin Jonathan Hoarau: 3d model Taiga: 3d model As well as everything the @ACDFR PRO members for their numerous tests. Music: Ktrek - Lohka 
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    changed textures
    made all cars H pattern 
    added 2 new cars Vette and Ferrari
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  22. Drift Kidds Pack

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  23. Ziptie-Gang Pack

    Moved from previous site

    Mazda RX7 FC3S

    Toyota GT86

    Nissan Silvia S13 Missile

    Nissan R32 Noriyaro

    Nissan Onevia

    Nissan Odyvia

    Lexus GS300 2JZ

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  24. ZF Garage

    The updated version of the GRSD drift car pack by Tommy Wiseau
    1. TC Nissan 180SX ZFGarage
    2. TC Nissan S14 Zenki ZFGarage
    3, TC Nissan Sileighty ZFGarage

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