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  7. For anyone coming here for the Lexus IS300. . . It's not there. Literally the only reason I downloaded the game for. Rip.
    I wish it had a bit more power and torque. But all in all great mod
  8. The mazda rx7 fc (hert's car) has a tire overheating problem .. both the street and the semi slick, I don’t know if it was supposed to be like this… but if you don’t fix it, but the pack is wonderful
  9. Earlier
  10. downloaded didn't work
  11. downloaded this pack and the is300 isn't in it.. really the only reason i downloaded it tbh
  12. Version 1.0.0


    FD RX7 WDT Street Spec E36 328i WDT Street Spec E34 WDT Street Spec Japan E34 WDT Street Spec
  13. i am unable to download. telling me to contact domain admin.
  14. There's a skin pack for my these cars as well as a couple individual skins. You can find them in the same place they were postet in originally. Same goes for the 'NNNK Classics Pack'
  15. Stankys_

    ZF Garage

    mporei na eimaste sto 2021 kai na uparxon kapoies allages,alla file mou gamises,mono auto sou lew.Tha mporouses an exeis thn dunatothta na kaneis ena remastered zf garaze pack me tis allages tou s13 kai thn e36 tou mklazar?Pera apo auto omws,polu kalo.Mprabo sou.
    very good made mod, reccomanded!!!
    Thanks for posting this! I am the one who put the pack together and did the skins and what not. I am planning an update for the pack in about a month for a few visual errors I and some others have found. If anyone sees any issues / errors / bugs, let me know please. You can reach me on Discord @ Macht #0386 Have fun with the pack!! More to come soon!
  16. high quality BUT how can i get the skins in the thumbnail they look so siiick
  17. you guys know sometimes its hard to find a good racing or drifting game in app store / play store. So, if anyone finds a good mobile car game, just put down suggestions so everyone can look it up Post made via Mobile Device
  18. detant69

    Style Bangers

    i wish for m3 e46 wretched game
  19. 338 downloads

    NNNK Classics Pack
  20. 1,407 downloads

    Nico Nico Nightkids 15 Cars More info to come when found
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Charabati Pista Kart by: Thanos & BV Tzenamo Abandoned private small track - Scratch made for AC GRSD Greek Sideways community #GRSD #Greece #BVTzenamo #Chalkidiki #TheGreatTolis #lowhp Features: - tarmac/asphalt - vao patch - 32 pit boxes - drone replay cameras - sol support - original track - csp support - rain fx - grass fx - original - radar - map For any DONATIONS: https://www.paypal.me/bvtzenamo Youtube Channel: BV Tzenamo 1. SOL and CSP support 2. Custom Shader Patch build 1.60 or above is required. 3, Bi
  22. I never made it unpublic. Weird. I submitted the latest version for approval so it should be up soon. Or get it from the google drive here -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qjxDHRmtvm_JcJdS-1ULCtkU9hlrVANi/view?usp=sharing
  23. can you make the track public again?
  24. Version 1.0.0


    replica car of chris_en_y from .starfobar. IG & website : https://www.instagram.com/starfobar/ https://www.instagram.com/chris_en_y/ https://starfobar.fr/store/ -------------------------------------- !!! 3D MODEL REPLICA ONLY !!! -------------------------------------- CAR SPECS -------------- M50B25 tuned 319whp@ 6000rpm 422Nm @ 3500rpm NA ---------- CREDITS ---------- Engine curve by FumiHerox WDTS laurel C33 suspension & Tyres 3D base from 328i cryms (V1) 3D body kit & trunk by NABZ WORKSHOP 3D exhaust By FumiHerox CARBODY UVMAP B
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