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  3. ACDP

    Calder Park

    Version 0.1


    Beta v0.1 Release!! Still alot more work to be done before it becomes v1.0. Any buildings are just place holders. 4 Different Drift Layouts This track will be round 2 of the Australasian Drift Challenge Hope you enjoy and Stay home and stay safe :) Track laid by Alex Gouveia Track fixing + 3d work / Visuals and textures Shaun Dallwitz
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    15 cars from your favorite drivers
    best mod pour e36 super bien fait 5/5
  7. ,,too much peoples see this file" i can't download it ;(
  8. oargen

    Ebisu Track Pack

    The google cloud download link is broken. Is it possible to fix it? Or are there any alternatives?
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  10. And a third one: The circuit seems not like a real one but like a kart circuit. It is too narrow (in width) and the distances between straights and corners are very short. On the other hand, serres circuit is very good!
  11. ACDP

    Simply Sideways

    Version 1.0.0


    Lights, Camera, ACTION!!! major updates to the cars, involving properly set up suspension's for less funk! angle revisions for more grip! and COMPLETELY re done lights on all cars!! (some of which involves daytime running lights on their own button, fogs on their own button, full signal light access interior and exterior, working handbrake lights and other dash lights and more) We've also put exhaust shake on all of our cars!! MAJOR THANKS to On The Mountain, Portugal Drift Virtual and Mike Bouhabib for all the work and support put in!!!!! And to @borsi on discord for the new s14 paint😏🔥 If youd like to keep up with us and our LATEST shenanigans, follow us here: https://discord.gg/bqHAEJs CARS: 69_charger 240sx bmw e30 325 r33 s13 s14 supra
  12. ACDP

    TW Spec Car Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    not much info on this pack
  13. ACDP

    LSA ProAm

    Version 1.0.0


    not much info on this pack
  14. Nice approach but: 1) Road is too much bumpy. You should try make it more flat 2) There is no Dunlop Tyre in there ( i have raced there with a peugeot so i know the place). You can remove it
  15. ACDP

    Drift Workshop

    Version 1.0.0


    All mods based on real life data: engines, suspension geometry, weight and weight distribution. All of cars were set up and tested by professional drift drivers. Credits: 3D models - Kunos, Turn10, Dmitrii A, M. Katancev, Dori, Enfini, Easy and others Physics - Dmitrii A Sound - Kunos
  16. ACDP

    World Drift Tour

    Version 1.0.0


    World Drift Tour Car Pack Version 1.3 12 drift race cars Custom body kits (most aero packages, rims and more modeled by WDT Team) The most realistic physics model we ever done Extremely well balanced cars (Power ratio, grip rate and equivalence) Working great from the box for your own drift championships and competitions. WDT Street Car Pack Version 1.1 (23.02.2020) 11 drift cars Drift Street Legal Class Meet the world classic drift cars. Fun and easy to drive. Entry level for your drift skills or gain some more as an experienced driver. Winter Drift Pack Version 1.2 7 cars and 6 winter tracks Road cars and super light race cars with studded snow tires Realistic physics model Unique winter battles on the ice. Be the part of outstandingly close drift runs. World Drift Tour Team We are the group of drift enthusiasts with the desire of making the most realistic simracing drift product. WDT drift packs are used by professional drivers and casual gamers alike. Discover the most epic drift runs with us. Dmitrii Alekseev - manager of WDT, physics, 3D models, referee Vyacheslav Slavnikov - social media, referee Kirill Maksimov - 3D models (cars and tracks) Vladislav Artemyev - Broadcast Director Our project is non-commercial and free for everyone. You can support our passion with your donations through the Paypal with a link below. https://paypal.me/worlddrifttour 1$ for 24/7 Servers 3$ for WDT Championship 5$ for update cars 10$ for new car packs 20$ for testing real drifting cars and import it in AC. Thank you for your support! Contacts Discord: World Drift Tour Facebook: @worlddrifttour Instagram: @worlddrifttour VK: vk.com/worlddrifttour Email: worlddrifttour@gmail.com
  17. Sauce Dallas

    Ferrari 488 Pista

    dead link
  18. Nose70

    RTM Mod Pack

    When i try to open the file, asks for a pasword, what´s that?
  19. Version 1.0.0


    These are my first ever mod cars, the models are not mine. I just reuse the models and make my on customizations on them. I make random cars such as drift and just overall meme cars. This is version 1.0 of the NFG (No Forks Given) Car Pack made by FudgeCakes. Contents: Drift Miata W/ Meme Skin and engine swap | Mercolet (Mercedes/Chevrolet) Double Decker 2JZ | BMW M3 E92 Drift W/ swapped rims. Please enjoy this car pack! I know it's not good, but I am trying to improve. Thank you!
  20. Unnamedblade

    Akuma Workshop

    These cars are beautiful. They handle well and look so damn good (especially the S13). They're around 280-320hp which is definitely a sweet spot for them. The cars have enough grip and don't slide around too much. Not too much lock either. Great looking cars for taking screenshots and they are satisfying to drive. This pack is definitely worth getting.
  21. This has been fixed.
  22. Unnamedblade

    501 Car Packs

    The V3 cars definitely have more grip and feel a lot more solid. However, i didn't find the new 501 graphic seats and steering wheels very pleasant. They're pretty ugly. I think the earlier versions of the interiors were better. The addition of stock angle and increased angle versions is a cool idea and will play around with both versions. The new S13 engine sound is better and less harsh, but the original one was cool too since it was so aggressive. I would like to be able to get the older versions too since i really enjoyed the previous version of the S13. This car pack is worth getting.
  23. Version 1.2


    Show Fun Park by: Black Velvet Tzenamo ================================== A fun drift place to have fun online with your friends. It's a combination of some drifting spots of FH and Gta series. Some of the updated features are: -new small country road (GTA) -extension of the docks area -4 new parking spots (GTA) -csp and SOL support -6 in total layouts -new lights config -ghost hotlapping -new vao config -new materials -smoke effects -optimization -26 pit boxes -freeroam -grassfx and many more to explore... If u want to buy me a beer or something 🙂 PayPal Track Video: Cheers and have fun! ✌️🍌
  24. Vejarden

    DCGP Track Pack

    i have problem downloading this. Seems like it's scam? When i press download on this file, i'm sendt to "www.Gatustox.net" wich is some ad virus shit...
  25. Version 0.5


    Since 2 mounts i try to put my free time in the map i know some objects cons or roads a bit big , also the map need much lod that works smoot In the next Update i will Fix Some parts , Now Is TestTime and Drift Time 📷:) CM 3D Grass CM 3D Water 40 Pits No Cams / ComingSoon Race / ComingSoon U need A good Pc to handel that map i have a i7 1060GTX 24Gb on rift jumps from 50 to 90 Fps . It Will Release as Early Beta Version 0.5
  26. This pack has no business being uploaded to a third party service especially without any request! At this point, this is a stolen mod. Please join their discord so they actually get the credit they deserve instead of being ripped off. Discord link =???
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