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  5. antoine123

    FD Replicas

    0 car work they all have something fix it
    why can i not download it, i wait the 30sec and after that the site is broke ....
  6. Earlier
  7. Guest

    Tando Buddies (car pack full)

    it wont let me download it, it gives me an error 404 saying the website cannot be found
  8. the link has expired renewed to please
  9. Guest

    Touge Workshop Pack 2020

    link is dead
  10. violentwon

    Aussie Drift Co

    not a single link working..
  11. Chaife

    Death Wish Garage

    Awesome car pack. I love the detail of each car and their performance as well.
  12. kofein-

    Freedom Factory

    Why doesnt the track show up in tracks menu? Or is it just me? :l
  13. Guest

    Ziptie-Gang Pack

    Link doesnt work sorry
    it says it was approved by them but i guess they dont test anything before it is posted kinda thought they would test stuff that they didnt design but i guess not
  14. link is bad so is content manager
    does not work yet
  15. playr1one

    FD Replicas

    I tried some cars from this pack none of them worked I tried fixes given by content manager and the mustang RTR finally worked but it had no sound I'm really disappointed by this long wait to have cars not working I hope it gets fixed. thank you
  16. Guest

    FD Replicas

    Version 0.1.0


    All FD cars i could have Found or Make So have fun


    it dont work when i try to download it it write page not found
  17. same for me here try multiple time ….
  18. Brennen Fry

    The Compound

    To run the map you need to have on custom shaders patch open the game with content manager
  19. Can confirm same issue, can't download, please fix
  20. Guest

    Touge Workshop Pack 2020

    Link is fucked up, fix it
  21. Guest

    bushido style car pack

    Re-uploading mods to make money from without permission. Sick.
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