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  4. drifting VS Racing

    Ok, its 100% my graphics cards, my mate took round his geforce GTX1050ti and it worked a treat with 20 odd cars on track:)
  5. As I heard, they're fixing something on it.
  6. 152 Tracks in one ZIP

    none of the donor links are working for me. just DNS error
  7. Last week
  8. Hi All

    Welcome Pretty new to this my self, only been on assetto for about 3 months Started off with a laptop and an xbox controller, now it has grown arms and legs haha
  9. drifting VS Racing

    Cheers Am running a Radion 5850 AMD GPU which i know is pretty old lol 16gb ram, Athlon AMD quad core cpu on a gigabyte gaming mother board i run Assetto on a second 1t hard drive and my OS is on a second 500gb hard drive Hope this helps
  10. drifting VS Racing

    what are the specs of your pc/laptop. Then when we can know the specs, we can tryy to figue out how the game could be improved for performance
  11. drifting VS Racing

    Morning all looking for some advise, am pretty new to PC gaming so please be kind if am being stupid when drifting on line, if more than say 5 cars join my PFS drops tp below 10 and the game become unplayable, i was pretty sure this was down to my graphics card but when join an online race with nearly 20 cars its plays fine. Anything i can do in the setting of the game of my PC to help it play better while drifting? Thanks
  12. Meeting

    Discord is what me and my mate use, feel free to add me if you up for some skids:) e36mckinnon
  13. Hi All

    New here ! im 35 years old french French Canadian Great website thank you ! It mean a lot for us Drifters to have everything under the same roof: Cars, Tracks, Manager Kudos for that ! Im a long time drifter from LFS. Since then im seeking nice group of people to do some tandem and chill around in AC. Let me know if interested. I miss all those comp we had back in the days and so many teams. On the other AC Physics/Dynamics is far superior. Thats it see ya on track guys
  14. 152 Tracks in one ZIP

    dohh its the same like the car pack...only work..the other are not unzipable... im gonna wait for a fix for it thx for the effort
  15. 387 Cars in one Zip

    doohhh ive got some error when i try 2 and 3 wasnt a zip fil when downloaded....gonna wait the correction....only look fine for me
  16. 387 Cars in one Zip

    Hi, Who have this problem? download is interrupted continuously
  17. Colors - ACDP Bash

  18. Colors - ACDP Bash

  19. BMW M5 (E60 Manual)

    The breaks seam a bit to bad. Its almost impossible to stop the car...
  20. 244210_screenshots_20180311071209_1.jpg

    dope! didn't knew there was a mod like this out! Own edit or someoene else's?
  21. Bash Car Pack

    View File Bash Car Pack all of the cars in one compressed file for the Drift Bash of 2018-03-17 file size: 1.5GB can only be downloaded by RSVP BASH rank (which means you had to have signed up for the Bash to be allowed access) Submitter SpyBot68 Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Car Packs Install with  
  22. 387 Cars in one Zip

    Throw them a bone via donation and you get to download the files, content manager is dealing with the cars right now
  23. 387 Cars in one Zip

    looks like we have to donate- if it's another $3 USD I'm more than willing to pay for such an expansion. I ASSUME it will be kept up to date, if not that is fine.
  24. 387 Cars in one Zip

    i use content manager software,in AC is impossible load all cars
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