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  3. let me start by saying the sound of the car when you get to higer rpms is not the best, but the felling of the car is beter. you have to work abit more with this cars then most of the oher drift cars, becuse it has alot of hp. so download this mod if you dont have that good hering or just dont cere about the sound
  4. why is the s15 left hand drive it annoys me about so many of the s15 models it was never released in left hand drive :(
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    this is a exact replica or Nikko Circuit in japan Runs smooth Can use Sol with this Great graphics High Fps
  9. Version 1.3


    This is my first mod, and i decided to go for a nice smooth drift track though Japanese Hill/mountains this track is a really smooth one and it looks great
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    Euphoria Hillside Park

    Is this map only in snow? I cannot figure out how to change that using content manager
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    Southern Circuit (Sendai)

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    Southern Circuit (Sendai)

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  17. 456 downloads

    Crème Brûlée Island by: Black Velvet Tzenamo Full remake and updated for AC - GRSD Greek Sideways community Gta sa 2010 first release by (unknown) #GRSD #CremeBrulee #BVTzenamo #eurotouge #dorifto #island * Model and textures: BV Tzenamo, unknown * Road section and various fixes: Rod Vion * CarX conversion by Svedran & Hercules Features: - tarmac/asphalt - vao patch - 20 pit boxes - replay cameras - Sol support - original track - csp support - rain fx - grass fx - seasons - lights - radar - map For any DONATIONS: https:/
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    Southern Circuit (Sendai)

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    Southern Circuit (Sendai)

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    Southern Circuit (Sendai)

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    Nissan S14 Boss GRSD

    I cant get the mod to work even with moving the revers lights, when i load assetto corsa it says errors with content: s14_boss_grsd
  26. The course is nice but its a bit short.
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    AE86 ahegao SKIN

    hi. I'm pretty new to the game and to installing mods and I can download cars and tracks but I don't know how to download skins... do I go to the car that I want and place it in skins? just asking because all of them have a number and stuff and this is written different.
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