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  4. Nissan S14.5 Drift

    hi i downloaded the car and installit but dont work ?
  5. Content Manager Car & Track Pack 

    Where do I put the links in cm?
  6. Last week
  7. Mario's Mushroom Bridge

    View File Mario's Mushroom Bridge Marios' Mushroom Bridge arrived on Assetto Corsa - 20 pit boxes - Map - Replays etc. Enjoy it ;-) Very fun to slide or to race and have fun with your friends Submitter Tzenamo Submitted 05/24/2018 Category Tracks Install with http://acstuff.ru/s/Gi1iieavjOJr4KViCzN1rE1wq2V1fRnNLnt  
  8. Mario's Mushroom Bridge

    Version 1.0


    Marios' Mushroom Bridge arrived on Assetto Corsa - 20 pit boxes - Map - Replays etc. Enjoy it ;-) Very fun to slide or to race and have fun with your friends
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Content Manager Car & Track Pack Over 300 cars and 200 Tracks. Most / All Cars that are hosted on acdriftingpro.com Copy and paste to CM and let them all install. This file will auto-update as new items are added to the site. INSTALL: Copy all the content from the txt file and past into Content Manager then sit back and watch all the files downloads. NOTE: This is a donor only file Please donate to download
  10. Fictional Freeroam / Drift

    Update 6.0 will be released this week hopefully. Thank's to everyone for trying out the track
  11. SDC Nissan 180SX D1 Street

    I love the car it's greatly modeled but I was wonder if someone could tell me what the rear wheels are because they are sick! And I want to put them on my s14 irl
  12. Earlier
  13. Hexor Tandem Drift

    Version 1.0.0


    A track from Hexor
  14. Nighttime Weather For Assetto Corsa

    Download appears to be broken
  15. Nissan R34 V8 VDC competition car

    Brakes dont work.
  16. MadZ car pack

    awesome pack love the r31, few cars like the r32s wont load but meh no biggie
  17. The Compound

    Hey friends!!! Im very sorry about the site bugging out the link and causing issues for half of you. there is an easy fix for it but if you dont know your way around assetto then it wont be that easy for you. please be patient as i am working on an update for it. THE TRACK WASNT FINISHED TO BEGIN WITH! i still have much more to add. i released the track the way it is now to get feedback. so yes the track is in a alpha stage as it is now. I underestimated the popularity of this track due to alot of assetto's community not being from the USA so i figured it would be ok to release the track at its current state. Thank you all for your interests in my tracks! please be patient as i work on updates for ALL my tracks. Thanks! Jello.
  18. Grange Motor Circuit (v3.5 Update)

    where? i dont have anything from you in my discord, email or pm on here. so where did you try to contact me before editing?
  19. The Compound

    i cant play it either used cm and still didn't work really want to drive it
  20. Grange Motor Circuit (v3.5 Update)

    I have all ready did that...
  21. Forceful Drift D1 Pack

    13GBs might be a little much for my taste..
  22. Grange Motor Circuit (v3.5 Update)

    common thing to do is contact the creator before you go along and do something like that. you can simply contact me in PM/DM
  23. The Compound

    try to uninstall the track. then reinstall using cm. dont overwrite. do it as a fresh install straight to cm. (drag and drop file into CM) if issue still continues dont worry about it. im working on an update. more grass and some new shaders. ACDP site is bugged FYI... so i believe when i uploaded this track the site bugged it out. because from my direct link in drive it works with no issue.
  24. The Compound

    i don't see the map in game or in content manger
  25. The Compound

    not working for me
  26. The Compound

    Tzenamo.... ummm no. usually you contact the creator before you go off and update someone else's recent work. you can contact me in DM.
  27. The Compound

    cant wait to give this a try loving watching the youtube guys rip it up
  28. RTM Mod Pack

    @ACDP does this website have forums? maybe for hosting drift events and tunes etc
  29. Deriphill Drift Course v1.1 (Update)

    Totally agree with u, one of the oldest on AC and one of the best drift tracks for sure...
  30. Grange Motor Circuit (v3.5 Update)

    Hello, i "played" a bit with your track and i updated it. If u want to check it out, text me a message so i can send u the link :-)
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