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  4. I can reach out to him but this pack wont be getting any updates or fixes by titan due to the fact that it was leaked before it was finished
  5. ROUND 2 – MOTOARENA TORUŃ RESULTS! Drivers went full crazy in this one! Really. The entry level, the tandems, oh boy oh boy! Congrats to our podium: 1. Thomas Ritter 2. Vladislav Yakulevich @Highdrift 3. Martynas Ostreika Urta drift Whole results at ROS website! Can’t wait for Round 3! Make sure to check our Sponsors: Mapadama Motorsport x FMIC.PL x SimLine and Partners: Republic of Simracers x VOSAN x Driftingowy Nerd x @DRIFT THE SHRIFT x Urta drift x @Adriel Machado #dcgp Fot. Darius Ostreika / Discord Artykuł ROUND 2 – MOTOARENA TORUŃ RESULTS! pochodzi z serwisu
  6. ROUND 2 – MOTOARENA TORUŃ TRACK RELEASE! As you may know from our Discord, track for next (and first in DCGP history) night round is already available! Link here and ready to download via ACEM app (ROS). Track originally made by Michał Suryś Edited by Łukasz Jarecki Make sure to check our Sponsors: Mapadama Motorsport x FMIC.PL x SimLine and Partners: Republic of Simracers x VOSAN x Driftingowy Nerd x @DRIFT THE SHRIFT #dcgp Artykuł ROUND 2 – MOTOARENA TORUŃ TRACK RELEASE! pochodzi z serwisu Drift Corner Grand Prix | DCGP. View the full article
  7. DCGP SEASON 8 CAR PACK! There you go, here it is! LINKS: [here] [here] [here] Extract(!) files in your Assetto Corsa folder: X:\…\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars Changes: – adding JZX Mark II – adding F22 – adding RCF – new tyre model (I may write sth more about it in different post) – predator front change – small tweaks ENJOY! Sponsor logo templates will be added with info about skins for next season. As this car pack is PUBLIC and FOR FREE, we have to present some RULES: WE ALLOW TO: 1. Use this car pack at DCG
  8. Long shot but I was wondering if there will be a new update since they redid the pavement and made the track a bit wider
  9. So in other words you stole it
  10. V-Technic

    TNT Mod pack

    Do you still have the Togue Pack or file itself including the Dodge Neon SRT 4?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    VDC Public 2.0 Car Pack Update & Additions Big updates this time with 3 new additional Cars & updates to all other prior VDC 2.0 Cars. A new tire model has also been installed with a lower ideal pressure & adjusted thermals to give you side bite you can count on. Massive Thanks to Ben over at @tsujigiricollective for his role in the development of these tires. New Additions include : - GT86 - Blitz Aero Speed R-Concept kit by @chiorvently - BMW E92 M3 - Pandem Kit by @mateiserban123 - Nissan S14 Feature Updates include : - RX-7 - TPC Magic Ki
  12. eivinboy


    Version 1.0.0


    My First Map.
  13. A working day once Villanova senior safeguard Collin Gillespie exited his workers 7260 get earlier mentioned Creighton Wednesday night time with a remaining knee damage,the faculty declared Gillespie would miss out on the take it easy of the 2020-21 time with a torn MCL the moment an MRI demonstrated the severity of the damage.We are all devastated for Collin, Wright wrote within just a assertion.He is the center and soul of our software program. We comprehend we cant switch him. We all simply will need in direction of move up and perform consequently that we honor him. Collin is as mentally d
  14. Version 1.0.0


    E90 Street Drifter based on BATCC mod. For bugs and fixes contact me. Base Model creator is ACR. This is my first ever mod so I wanted to mod a car that isn't so popular to drifting (don't jump on me, it is not an e92 😅) and a car that if you search the entire internet to find it, you will find only one or two versions of it (one doesn't work, and the other one is touring spec).
    Fun track, jump can be weird if you land badly but thats AC not the mods fault. Plenty of fun to be had on this map without jumping. Going out into the shipping yard and practing different sized donuts around the shipping contaner has been great practice for me
  15. Is there a way you can contact MrTitan in any way i need to ask him for some help regarding his JZX100 MARK2 chaser
  16. 8118_jdm


    ebisu jumpo
  17. westi


    Samppi on meleko homppeli
  18. Version 1.0.0


    --------------------------------- Fumi Toyota JZX100 --------------------------------- 3D BASE : Driftworkshop 3D Body Kit : ACMP 3D CHASSIS : ACMP 3D Rims : CS S14 RB25 3D Taillights : Fumi BASE Physic :WDTS Engine spec : Fumi from a real car Turn Signal & Reverse light are working --------------------------------- All feedbacks are welcome !
  19. Version 1.0.0


    hi that's my first mod its an sti 8 in drift rwd version (base 3d model by TibuzHun) hope you like it if the link wont work this is an another link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sIT-HfW9HUkQYTGg9OpIU7oHxGROiGS6/view?usp=sharing
  20. 2,241 downloads

    CFD 2020 Car Pack
  21. 2,193 downloads

    It's HERE! This is Phase One of the new Tsujigiri Collective Pro Pack. The 16 cars contained here form the basis of our new, V3 physics and replace the cars previously used in our competitions as well as the first generation of the JD130 car. Within this first part of the Pro Pack you will find: BMW E92 N54 Eurofighter Toyota AE86 SR20 Toyota GT86 2JZ Toyota SC300 2JZ Toyota Altezza 2JZ Ford S550 RTR Ford SN95 Voodoo Supercharged Nissan RPS13 2JZ Nissan RPS13.5 RB28 Nissan PS13 LSX Supercharged Nissan PS13 Onevia SR24 Nissan S14 SR20 Nissan S14 1JZ Niss
  22. 1,302 downloads

    Link Engine Management brings you the Assetto Corsa Link ECU FD Pack, which allows you to get behind the wheel of your favourite Link ECU powered Formula Drift vehicles. Our team has worked alongside the drivers and teams of Formula Drift to replicate their cars, down to the finest details and setups. The current pack is version 2 and includes the following cars: Name Vehicle Justin "JTP" Pawlak Ford Mustang Jeff Jones Nissan 370Z Faruk Kugay Nissan S14 Dylan Hughes BMW E46 Travis Reeder Nissan S13 Matt Field C6 Corvette Wataru Masuyama Niss
  23. ACDP

    Team hush. V2


    We have just completed the works for the new V2 pack, this includes so many great improvements, most notable are the over all feel and handling of each car as well as improvement CSP paint and textures, and 100% more optimization for more fps gain! have fun drifting out there we know we have! REMEMBER OUR MOTTO! "Enjoy Oneself" ____________________________________________________________________ The drone camera footage was supplied by witly along with the edit made. If you would like to drift with us/me sometime make sure to check the link below to our discord and join over 1
  24. 1,475 downloads

    We make AC street car/track mods with logic, common technical sense, and real data.
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