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About This File

The Compound v1

That secret drift spot. The Compound, also known as Mexico, Street Patterns or The Grid, is an area in southwestern Palm Bay, Florida, similar to Flagler Estates. It is a largely undeveloped area of some 200 miles (320 km) of paved road. General Development Corporation began development of the area in the 1980s, but went bankrupt in 1991; afterward, few residents ever moved in, and the streets fell into serious disrepair by the early 2000s and is now a spot for motorsports.

If you are having problems downloading or getting a error. USE CONTENT MANAGER! 

Note: skidmarks wont be there as shown in picture. those are actual in game tire marks. 

Note: 10 pits only

I dont expect this to be very popular. not everyone knows about this spot. I clearly underestimated that!!! lol 

Track was made by me (xJelloxx) if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

video reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm06uxgxGy8


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Tzenamo.... ummm no. usually you contact the creator before you go off and update someone else's recent work. you can contact me in DM. 

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1 hour ago, Clifford price said:

i don't see the map in game or in content manger 

try to uninstall the track. then reinstall using cm. dont overwrite. do it as a fresh install straight to cm. (drag and drop file into CM) if issue still continues dont worry about it. im working on an update. more grass and some new shaders. ACDP site is bugged FYI... so i believe when i uploaded this track the site bugged it out. because from my direct link in drive it works with no issue. 

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Hey friends!!! 

Im very sorry about the site bugging out the link and causing issues for half of you. there is an easy fix for it but if you dont know your way around assetto then it wont be that easy for you. please be patient as i am working on an update for it. THE TRACK WASNT FINISHED TO BEGIN WITH! i still have much more to add. i released the track the way it is now to get feedback. so yes the track is in a alpha stage as it is now. I underestimated the popularity of this track due to alot of assetto's community not being from the USA so i figured it would be ok to release the track at its current state. Thank you all for your interests in my tracks! 


please be patient as i work on updates for ALL my tracks. 



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