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SMPS 240sx
SMPS 69 Charger
SMPS Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C5
SMPS E30 sedan 325 Turbo
SMPS Silvia S13
SMPS Silvia S14
SMPS Skyline R33
SMPS Supra


What's New in Version 09/02/2020 09:56 AM


V2.5 available now.

had to re do the susp. geometry for the C5 'Vette. and quick fix's for the s-chassis.

Sorry bout this one all!!!

download link should be the same, if you dont have it. met me get it for ya!!: https://drive.google.com/…/1nVfYR50uZd6G5EgIv9GFpba8I…/view…

if you like what we do and wanna keep up with us and our latest shenanigans follow us here: https://discord.gg/bqHAEJs

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okay.. so cool to see these up here.. but like DM me next time and ask. my discord is LITERALLY in your description..

umm.. yea.. keep these up here. but i HIGHLY emphasize keeping up to date with us in our discord. as we like to try to listen to feedback and make these better. plus we have 3 new cars soon to come (maybe 4) i WILL try to use the same link so no one will have to search for the update links and all of that. but its just easier to follow us on discord.

Hope whoever grabs these enjoys them!!

have fun all:
Allan Weede(Head hooligan of Simply Sideways)

Also, if youd like to keep up woth us and our latest shenanigans. Follow us here!: https://discord.gg/bqHAEJs

 (edit) Photos Taken By Me, Luciano (from Portugal Drift Virtual), And Remmah(from the OTM team)

Edited by MrWeede
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