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  • Mega Tamada Sportsland kyo By ACDP

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    Mega Tamada

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    wmc_bmw_m5_e60 wmc_firebird_180 wmc_ford_country_squire wmc_hyundia_genesis wmc_jaguar_xkrs wmc_mercedes_s600 wmc_nissan_350z wmc_nissan_350z_street wmc_nissan_silvia_s15 wmc_toyota_altezza
  • Content Manager Car & Track Pack  By ACDP

    Content Manager Car & Track Pack  Over 300 cars and 200 Tracks.  Most / All Cars that are hosted on acdriftingpro.com Copy and paste to CM and let them all install. This file will auto-update as new items are added to the site.   INSTALL: Copy all the content from the txt file and past into Content Manager then sit back and watch all the files downloads.   NOTE: This is a donor only file Please donate to download
  • BMW E36 M458 By GUERILLA Mods

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      Ferrai 458 swap! 621 bhp@8500rpm
    580 Nm@4500rpm
    Weight: 1200 kg  17, 4K paint jobs (template included)  fully animated suspension working hazard lights (pit lights)  custom sound
      Credits goes to: Titan Mod (3D chassis base) John Gray (3D, skins, main creator) Guerilla Mods (3D, animation, ao maps, textures, sound and quality management) Alek Morelock (scratch made physics with real wisefab geo + tyres) William, Liam, Saxon, DM, and Chris (quality management and testing)