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About This File

Fictional Freeroam track made by m96k3y.
Pits : 20

Idea was to start working on a track that could be used for roleplay but still have drift sections. In current (v3.0a) version what you see on the image is what is there to see. In future i plan to expand the highway further and make it look nicer. There is a small village with a center and some farms more to the side with gravel roads. Next location to be added is a small city with ability to drift / race on the streets. Custom made police, drug houses for RP use. Mechanic garage locations also for RP use. Criminal Hideouts to lose the cops & most important more locations like (Mountain town, Big City, Fictional's private race & drift track etc)

I will see how far i can take this before i hit the limits of RTB and AC.

Show some love if you enjoy it. Remember this is a WIP & in early stage. The quality of this track will not be decent untill (v1.0.0)

What's New in Version 5.5


In 5.5 i was more focused on the entire map instead of one section at the time.
I updated a lot of things and added a lot as well.
Take a look into "credits.txt" file to see whats new.

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Update 6.0 will be released this week hopefully. Thank's to everyone for trying out the track

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Why dont you upload the file to a less shady site with less than 25 billion ads and pop ups! 

I refuse to download from these scummy sites going through adfly and other junk.

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Just so you know that junk is from the owner of this website not me. I upload my files to clean & good working sites only. So before ya say something do your research. Google drive never had ads on them. acdriftingpro on the other hand is a joke when it comes to ad's.

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