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- track cycles automatically after race end
- track cycle via admin command
- complete cfg template cycle (new since 2.0)
- server message to inform players of incoming track change (new since 2.0)
- session control tab (new since 2.4)
- connected drivers tab (new since 2.4)
- track graph tab (new since 2.4)
- result logging into json, including all players (not only the last connected players), collision events, laps (new since 2.0)
- server chat via server GUI or server command line (new since 2.0)
- server chat via admin command (new since 2.0)
- server private message via admin command (new since 2.2)
- results displayed as server chat messages including best lap and incidents (new since 2.0)
- near real-time incident report as server chat message including involved cars and impact speed (new since 2.0)
- live fastest lap in session broadcast (new since 2.1)
- driver welcome message (new since 2.1)
- complete C# source code on https://github.com/flitzi/AC_SERVER_APPS




I have re ziped this with the config dir with a working template.

- Extract the files into your AC/server directory, next to acServer executable or extract anywhere else and set ac_server_directory in exe.config to folder where acServer executable is located
- If not already installed you need .NET 4.0

Plugin for result, report and server chat functionality
- add/edit these lines in the server_cfg.ini (you may adjust the ports, the ports are read from the server_cfg.ini)


Track Cycle (optional):

- put this section in your server_cfg.ini

syntax is like this <trackname>,<lapcount>;<trackname>,<layout>,<lapcount>;<trackname>,<lapcount>

Presets Cycle (optional):

- fill the name of the preset directory that includes a server_cfg.ini and/or entry_list.ini in the exe.config key presets_cycle, separated with ;
<add key="presets_cycle" value="spa_gt3;nurburgring_street_mix"/>

the default directory stucture for this then should be:


you can change the presets directory name in the exe.config with the key ac_presets_directory ( note: before 2.7.8 this was always the cfg directory, but since acServerManager.exe creates a templates directory why not use that as default. If you want the 2.7.7 behaviour use <add key="ac_presets_directory" value="cfg"/> )

note: If you have the [TRACK_CYCLE] block in the default cfg/server_cfg.ini then this will take priority over the presets cycle.

In the exe.config you can also specify which incidents are broadcasted, 0=off, 1=only car with car, 2=all
<add key="broadcast_incidents" value="2"/>

You can specify the number of result broadcast positions
<add key="broadcast_results" value="10"/>

You can specify whether fastest lap set in session should be broadcasted live, 0=off, 1=on, 2=every lap
<add key="broadcast_fastest_lap" value="1"/>

You can specify the welcome message. For multiple lines use the | for line breaks. To disable set to empty string.
<add key="welcome_message" value="Welcome $DriverName$ to $ServerName$!|Please drive respectfully!"/>

- if you uncheck "Change track after race" the track will not be cycled after the race, you can flip this option while the server is running, so if you like to stay on the track for some races just uncheck, if you have enough, check.

- the "Next Track" button switches the track immediately

- you can also use admin commands to change the track while you are in the game, just type in the chat after you authorized yourself as admin with /admin myPassword

switches to the next track in list

/change_track spa
/change_track ks_nordschleife,endurance (separated with comma, but no space)
the track in needs to be in the TRACKS=... list
this also works with the id of the track that is shown with /list_tracks, e.g. /change_track 1

/queue_track spa
/queue_track ks_nordschleife,endurance (separated with comma, but no space)
the track in needs to be in the TRACKS=... list
this also works with the id of the track that is shown with /list_tracks, e.g. /queue_track 1

- everyone can use these commands in the chat

lists the all the tracks in the cycle

/vote_track spa
/vote_track ks_nordschleife,endurance (separated with comma, but no space)
the track in needs to be in the TRACKS=... list
this also works with the id of the track that is shown with /list_tracks, e.g. /vote_track 1
you can only vote once per cycle, it doesn't matter when you vote (practice/qualify/race)
the track with the most votes will be the next track, unless the server admin chooses something else
if multiple tracks have the same amount of votes, none of them is used

- admin command for broadcasting a message from the server
/broadcast blablabla

- admin command for sending a message from the server to a specific player
/send_chat carId blablabla

- chat started with / is not visible to other players

- the result json are saved in the "sessionresults" folder

- for the track graph to work you need the official map.png and map.ini in the official folder structure. If you run acServer from a complete game steam installation, they will be found. If you are having a standalone server installation, you can put the two files per track in the content/tracks subfolders (where the surface.ini files are)


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