How to install Content Manager for Assetto Corsa

What is Content Manager?

Content Manager is a fast and powerful alternative to the standard launcher for Assetto Corsa. It provides more functionality and usability along with the ability to ‘drag & drop’ mods for installation. Content Manager also provides an easy 1-click installation of Custom Shaders Patch which adds new features to the game such as dynamic lighting, graphical improvements, various optimizations, and much more!

How do I install Content Manager?

* IMPORTANT NOTE * ➔ If this is the very first time you are playing Assetto Corsa, make sure you have launched the game from Steam at least once before you use Content Manager. This is to let the original launcher initialize important settings that Content Manager relies on to work properly. 

Step 1:

Firstly, head over to the official page and scroll towards the bottom to find the download link. You will see that the only option available for download is the ‘Lite’ version.

  • If you’re wondering whether this version has restrictions on major features, do not worry. The Lite version provides full functionality. The full version includes access to work-in-progress sections/pre-release builds and can be obtained via donating to the developer.

Step 2:

After downloading the file, extract ‘Content Manager.exe‘ to wherever you will be using the launcher from such as your desktop.

Step 3:

Run ‘Content Manager.exe‘. You will be shown a first-time setup window where you will be asked to provide the location of your Assetto Corsa root folder.

  • If your root folder is NOT in the default location: ‘C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonassettocorsa‘ and you are not sure where to find it: right click ‘Assetto Corsa‘ from your Steam library, go to the ‘Local Files‘ section, then click ‘Browse…

After providing the location of Assetto Corsa’s root folder, you’re given the chance to install some plugins but this is optional and can be accessed again later in Content Manager’s settings. However, if you intend on installing mods via the ‘drag & drop’ feature then be sure to install the 7-Zip plugin!

Click ‘OK‘ and you should be all set! Make sure to check out the settings so that you can configure your controls and bindings!