How to install Custom Shaders Patch (CSP) and Sol for weather simulation

How do I install Custom Shaders Patch?

* IMPORTANT NOTE * ➔ If you have not already installed Content Manager then you must do this first!

Installing Custom Shaders Patch can be done in 1-click thanks to Content Manager. This will add a number of features to Assetto Corsa that can be tweaked (or disabled) to your preferences. One of these extensions (Weather FX) will be used by Sol in order to work.

To do this: Go to Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Click the green install button.

How do I install Sol for weather simulation?

* IMPORTANT NOTE * ➔ Sol requires at least Custom Shaders Patch version 0.1.76. To change or see which version of Custom Shaders Patch is installed: Go to Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > About & Updates > Click one of the versions in the list.

Step 1: 

Head over to the official Sol page to download the file. To see the download button you must be signed in. If you do not already have a RaceDepartment account then you can create one for free.

Note that this alone does NOT provide the detailed rain effects that you may have seen from cinematic videos or nice screenshots. Those effects are part of the CSP preview versions which can be obtained from this Patreon page.

Step 2:

Extract ‘Sol 2.2.x.7z‘. Once extracted, open up the folder and go to ‘…\MODS\Sol 2.2x‘. You will need to copy the following items to your Assetto Corsa root directory: apps, content, extension, system, soluninstall.bat.


If you don’t know where to find your Assetto Corsa root directory, right click ‘Assetto Corsa‘ from your Steam library, go to the ‘Local Files‘ section, then click ‘Browse…

Paste the items you copied from earlier into Assetto Corsa’s root folder. When asked for permission to overwrite existing files, click ‘OK‘.

Step 3:

Now you need to configure Sol in Custom Shaders Patch. From Content Manager, go to: Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Weather FX > Select ‘Sol 2.2’ for the Controller script and ‘Sol’ for the weather script.

Then you need to enable the Sol apps. To do so: Go to Settings, click Assetto Corsa, then Apps. Enable the 4 new apps that have been installed: Sol Config, Sol Custom Weather, Sol Planner, and Sol Weather App.

At this point Sol should be working and servers that have it configured will have dynamic times of day and weather. You can also start an offline session to play around with the different options that Sol provides.

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