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    Virtual Drift Championship

    Found a working link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yZq4lWerbO6CMhZxE-PQz6Ydcn3q3KEB/view?fbclid=IwAR2eL98KJwWCYWxjdx-3I2nNiopfqKrwDz7U0HnHv4mJwZvzPcsL9Ifftjw
  4. Guest

    Virtual Drift Championship

    Please fix the broken link
  5. Yesterday
  6. Guest

    ZF Garage

    file ise teleios exeis kanei kai gamw ta mods gia to assetto exw katebasei polla tracks sou kai eilikrina ypereuxaristimenos ysterofrafo: tha htan gamato ean eftiaxnes kai ta amaksia apo allous ytubers opws re:garage , great tolis, alla kai opoion allo ksereis kai sou aresei :)
  7. im having the same problem it brings me to a screen on google saying this site cant be reached plz fix i wanna drift with friends
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  10. still broken, like half of this website
  11. Please fox the link , i was searching for this cars for wayy to long :'(
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first skin. It looks verry sexxxyyy???


  13. Guest

    DTP Pack

  14. The download link is broken. It only sends it to a 404 not found page.
  15. spent my money for nothing, half the links on this website dont work lmao
  16. cant d/l pack get a domain error
  17. link is bad as well is the shortcut to content manager
  18. fix the link! im kinda annoyed i payed for a subscription and a lot of these links arent working
  19. Guest

    MMINC Toyota Mark-II JZX100

    went to download and got an error message
  20. ToucanLife

    LD2F Car Pack

    Link is dead for this pack
  21. Guest

    Touge Workshop Pack 2020

    The download link doesn't work anymore
  22. Guest

    Tando Buddies (car pack full)

    same as all above :(
  23. Guest

    Le Crymserv Car Pack

    Download link is down
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