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    Cars based on true data, measured with laser protractors within 0.0003zm tolerance. Tested by realer than life professional drifters, who pre-gamed for 10 years on LFS whilst submerged in hyperbaric chambers at the peak of Mt. Fuji. Skins skinned from the backs of free roam alpacas, grazing happily on gene-spliced Azteca-Mayan corn for the ultimate sheen. Celica TA33 SR20DET Holden VY Ute LS1 R31 Wagon RB30DET 240sx s13 SR20DET S14 Kouki LS1 S14 Zenki 1JZ Everything: Tovey Drinking and mocking while Tovey complains: blackboard_sx Sound for S14 1JZ: Timo Ha! 2F Kit 3D provided by: Paco@2F/Maximum Driftcast Testees: LD2F Honorable Mention: Tovey's most excellent wife, without whose support, Tovey might do something practical with his life <3 Shoutout to: Wack Mods / DSG / ShaDynasty / DTP / L2D / Boyz 2 Men / ABC / BBD / The East Coast Family And, much love to Matt Panic of ShaDynasty, for extensively talking us through TA33 Celica behaviors, since none of us have ever gotten to play with one on track >.< ==================::::NOTES::::================== * LODs - 4-5 models per car, less detail at greater distances for high traffic servers, to improve frames and reduce stutter * In-game Power Steering adjustment (see README if you want this to work) * In-game overall Brake Power adjustment. * Low-mid power (SR is 320bhp, others matched depending on weight/behavior, some sandbagged) * Tyre Wear - custom tyres for each car, built for 50% tyre wear. Requires a few laps of burn-in. * Cars balanced to play well with each other * Cars optimized across Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and G wheel types. * Pitbabe Mod enhanced!!(see README)


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