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    Version 2020


    First share of this selection publicly so that we can get feedback on them. This is the start of the replica pack for the Tsujigiri Motorsport cars. The s14 and S13.5 are pretty much there in terms of both models and physics. The rest are there or thereabouts in terms of physics but still have a fair bit of model work to do so, for now, are using placeholder models (apologies to those who's models are currently in use, they will not be there in the final product). The E36's and Supra have Wisefab style handling as per the real cars, they're a bit heavier than they should be at the moment but lighter FFB setting solves that whilst I get to the bottom of it, the S Bodies have very Japanese cut-knuckle style handling (as per the real cars) and are set up with a fair amount of understeer, they respond better to being thrown very hard, especially as they're a bit underpowered for the amount of grip they can be set up to have. The Tsujigiri Drift Server is up 24/7 with the updated version of Nikko Circuit (also below) that's got some slightly more realistic kerbing and a couple of extended run-offs. The team Discord is also available all the time and we drop in and out of it regularly. I know this is going to be a divisive pack with some getting on with them and some thinking they're wank, so give us your feedback and we'll go from there.

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