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    Hey friends!!! Im very sorry about the site bugging out the link and causing issues for half of you. there is an easy fix for it but if you dont know your way around assetto then it wont be that easy for you. please be patient as i am working on an update for it. THE TRACK WASNT FINISHED TO BEGIN WITH! i still have much more to add. i released the track the way it is now to get feedback. so yes the track is in a alpha stage as it is now. I underestimated the popularity of this track due to alot of assetto's community not being from the USA so i figured it would be ok to release the track at its current state. Thank you all for your interests in my tracks! please be patient as i work on updates for ALL my tracks. Thanks! Jello.
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    Please make a Mega Ebisu!!!!!
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    Hi mate, if u want contact with me, i have made an updated version of this, u might like it
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    finally somebody made this map
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    It's a wip mod that we are working with tmy team...
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    yo thats funny as hell
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    my most used drift track! thanks
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    this sounds amazing, downloading right now
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    Why dont you upload the file to a less shady site with less than 25 billion ads and pop ups! I refuse to download from these scummy sites going through adfly and other junk.
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    anyone else having issues running this pack on their server?
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    great pack. love the graphics and detail work on the body and good physics hope to see more from you guys
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    Update 6.0 will be released this week hopefully. Thank's to everyone for trying out the track
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    i cant play it either used cm and still didn't work really want to drive it
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    try to uninstall the track. then reinstall using cm. dont overwrite. do it as a fresh install straight to cm. (drag and drop file into CM) if issue still continues dont worry about it. im working on an update. more grass and some new shaders. ACDP site is bugged FYI... so i believe when i uploaded this track the site bugged it out. because from my direct link in drive it works with no issue.
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    cant wait to give this a try loving watching the youtube guys rip it up
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    Causes error on start up and does not show in game
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    I absolutely love this track, the flow is incredible.
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    ^^ exactly! stolen mods tuned with car tuner and 3dsimed...
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    awesome! glad you like it man! Figured all us Socal guys deserve to have our home tracks. the 3dmodels are not the best but ill work on an update for all that stuff soon.
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    I literally live 10 minutes from this track, and love how close xJelloxx got to the real thing, awesome work!
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    Nay from Wack Mods is working on an Ebisu complex. Find their page on Facebook, he posts updates about it.
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    download doesn't work it just sends you back to the home page
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    I dont undestand if u dont know how to read the description or u dont know how drifting works 😂... Dont throw shit on other people and try to read and drift ...

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