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    Some cunts got to make a c33 laurel, would even pay for one just to hit it hard and limi bash the fuck outta of her. if i could make cars i would so no hate just please someone make one, pref keep it a rb and make it a screama!
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    How we all doing? Am Duncan from Aberdeen in Scotland, only been on assetto for about 3-4 weeks, proper in love with it, first time drifting in game etc Done a fair bit in real life so thought i would give the PC a go. looking forwarding to drifting with some of you:)
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    387 Cars in one Zip View File All CarsTracks hosted on acdp in one pack. This is a donor only download Submitter ACDP Submitted 03/14/2018 Category Donor Downloads  
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    heard that DW has a Laurel already, check it out
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    View File Bmw e92 Drift by Baranka. Bmw e92. Racing interior from kunos gt2 bmw, edited by me. ~25 diferent skins. Working wipers, lights, dashboards, exhaust flames, mirrors, brake efects and etc. Submitter Baranka Submitted 07/08/2019 Category Cars Install with  
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    Website looking fine, mods even finer. I'm Ckacmaster. I program stuff.
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    select all then right click copy or Ctrl+V in the .txt file then open content manager and Ctrl+V give it 30 sec and it will start downloading everything
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    doohhh ive got some error when i try download.......car 2 and 3 wasnt a zip fil when downloaded....gonna wait the correction....only cars.zip.001 look fine for me
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    i use content manager software,in AC is impossible load all cars
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    Hi I signed up to this site yesterday thought it would be cool to see what others do and get some content and downloads. I do like the idea of being able to make a rep of my drift car for the game. I will be returning from overseas to the UK in May and will be setting up everything to start sim drifting see how it compares. I also want to learn how to set up a private server so myself and my mates can drift together as i assume the public servers are full of idiots. I have no experience on the game yet. Be good to get chatting to a few people see how you do things.
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    Most people have discord and others just use facebook messenger.
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    actually i've already donated- hmm wonder why i cant download
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    same is this a donator only file or something? really awesome to pack all the tracks and cars into one go. i can finally do a fresh install then
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    Hi I've got 200+ hours in AC and Run a few AC servers under the name of GRIPSHIFTSLIDE /JVN out of Australia. Running DTP / SDC and any other interesting cars that I can get my hands on. Im also a drift photographer and have a lot to do with the local Drift scene in Australia/Vic
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    Hey everyone im mavrick_zero. Iv been playing ac for 3 years and looking to get into the more competitive side of the game! Drifting and touge racing are what I do! I look forward to meeting this wonderfull community and participating hopfully in the next drift bash! ps my favorite car is a 1997 R33 gtr just feel like I should add that!
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    I can`t download it from content manager please help me!
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    If you are a mod maker and we host your mods and you would like to keep them updated on the site then get hold of me on here or discord so I can Change ownership over to you on the site. All so if we are hosting your mod and you would like it taken off the site then get hold of an admin or use the Contact Us form.
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    Welcome to AC Drifting Pro new website. We have added a lot of new things to the site to make things nice and easy for you to use. If you find any bugs let an admin or a mod know.
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    Hey people I'm lucky enough to live in west Japan and have fairly easy and reliable access to Sportsland Tamada, seto naikai circuit, and hadashi tengoku, along with others. Is anyone looking for good track reference photos for scenery and the like? Throw up a request and I'll see what I can do. I plan to travel a lot in the next year, so I'll probably hit quite a few circuits around Japan.
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    We now have a discord up and running. https://discord.me/acdp COme in and have a chat.
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    sometime that day lol, when ever i get on
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    GT86 from the Virtual Drift Championship 2.0 at Otarumi touge driven in anger! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNeve13aViU
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    such forum!

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