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Non-premium users are capped at 1024 KB/s (1MB/s) to ensure we can offer a stable service for everyone. This cap is removed for premium users so they can enjoy downloading at the speed of their connection.

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Premium Membership on the AC Drifting Pro sites is a way of donating to the upkeep of the sites while also gaining some advantageous perks for your browsing experience on the sites . Most importantly, without the support of our Premium Members the AC Drifting Pro sites would not be able to keep running.

Premium Membership can be bought for 1 month or for 1 Year. Premium Membership provides users of the site with an improved experience over normal (free) users of all the AC Drifting Pro sites. By rights, all content on the AC Drifting Pro sites is freely available for all users however Premium Membership provides an improved service including an ad-free browsing experience, no download wait time, no download limit, uncapped downloads and the ability to use (install with CM) 1click installing for Content Manager . Premium Membership is not required to use the AC Drifting Pro site, and you should only pay if you would like these added benefits.

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