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    1. Version 1.0.0


      FD RX7 WDT Street Spec E36 328i WDT Street Spec E34 WDT Street Spec Japan E34 WDT Street Spec
    2. 338 downloads

      NNNK Classics Pack
    3. 1,407 downloads

      Nico Nico Nightkids 15 Cars More info to come when found
    4. 532 downloads

      By Shawn Macht [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack - Twerkstallion Chrome Skin & Hoss's Boss Skin - 2 Extra Skins for Each Car - WDTS // GrassRoots Spec Special Thanks to VDC & Crymserv for giving me permissions to release these
    5. Version 1.1


      Well everyone today is the day the CG crew has been waiting for. Feels like forever been over a year working towards our goals with CG. BUT TODAY WE ANNOUNCE THE BIGGEST LAUNCH WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!! I am so excited to announce our launch of the (CG SIMSTREETZ) and our first ever 2 CLUTCH GANG drift tracks!!!! We have been hard at work and i hope you all enjoy this new content and shred some dam tires out there and have a blast doing it! We have majorly overhauled our physics and tires so the cars should have a more authentic feel to real life. So thanks for everyone's support with us and we p
    6. Version 1.1


      By Lonno
    7. ACDP

      Style Bangers


      Style Bangers
    8. 672 downloads

      Liivefast street pack
    9. 1,071 downloads

      Hi everyone today we will be releasing 2 of the cars we have been working on for the last 2 years The PV Chaser and the BeeR B324R These cars have had a lot of work done to them and while we could spend more time on them I think its time for them to go out. The Chaser We tried to make this as close to its IRL counterpart as we could, however, this car is a bit of a weapon IRL so some liberties have been taken to make it driveable in AC If you intend on driving this car with other people, keep a note of how much boost you are running as 100% will walk most things in AC,
    10. 665 downloads

    11. 858 downloads

      Includes 4 cars and a track Kilkare Raceway 2021 DISL.
    12. Version 2.0


      Tonight we are proud to present our new ADC 300’s V2.0 Firstly Id like to Thank all the people involved in making these cars possible. Tonnes of time went into these, custom body kits on almost every car, custom tyres, custom physics and loads of testing. Thankyou again for all your support over our time making mods (especially the patreons), these are a huge step up from the 420 cars and even comp cars, each car is equipped with the right stuff for the new rain physics when it is released. Please enjoy them and if you want to donate to us for our time please buy a sticker or 3 at https://auss
    13. ACDP

      Skins info

      http://driftcornergp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/custom_showroom_1556389743.png Skins info At summer season you will have possibility to show your style and make your own skin! Personal skins will be used during Main Event (top32) and ProAm. We will be doing one skin update before each round! Most likely at the same day as Competition. Skin sent after update time will be added before next round. *Skins from last season were removed, so all of you need to SEND YOUR SKIN ONCE AGAIN!* HOW TO: [It is very important to follow this simple steps. Skins th
    14. http://driftcornergp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/59669613_2016364048489370_8181427732647772160_n.jpg DCGP Summer Season car pack download link (+UPDATE)! Here is a new, fresh and summer ready car pack for ya! Offseason preparations went well and we are ready to show it! Changes: All cars have more horsepower (~650) with totally new dyno graphs that fits its stats. All cars have more angle (not really one from forklift, but still more than we had). Suspension changes. More durable tires that are not overheating as fast as old ones to make double runs possible Some tweaks here and
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