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  1. ACDP


  2. ACDP

    Rent Server

    Want to run your own drift server? You can rent a Assetto Corsa server from our recommended server provider. With the following code you will receive a 20% discount on the entire duration of your server: acdp-a-9437
  3. ACDP

    ACDP Servers

    EU SERVERS ★★ACDP★★(EU1) https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip= ★★ACDP★★(EU2) https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip= ★★ACDP★★(EU3) https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip= ★★ACDP★★(EU4) https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip= USA SERVERS ★★ACDP★★(US1) https://
  4. 928 downloads

    Low Style Gang CAR PACK V1.2 RELEASE! - NEW MODEL - CRESTA JZX100 MARK2 JZX110 SKYLINE HCR32 4door SKYLINE V35 4door Notes:JZX100 works fine with CSP 1.63 or later. Notes:The setting won't apply due to the HCR32 rear tire displays in animation. - UPDATE - ONEVIA S13 SOARER JZZ30 SKYLINE V36 - BUG FIX - RX-7 FC3S SILVIA S14 kouki SILVIA S15 ARISTO JZS16 CAR PACK V1.2 includes all 17 models. Please install all of them as they include updates and bug fixes. Enjoy drifting with Assetto Corsa! (
  5. ACDP

    DMVC Car Pack


    The official Drift Masters Virtual Championship car pack for assetto corsa
  6. 1,419 downloads

    More info to come
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hope you’re gonna enjoy them as much as we do! Extract(!) files in your Assetto Corsa folder: X:\…\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars All necessary info, sponsor logo templates, name tags etc. will be added with info about skins for next season. So, DO NOT HURRY UP with making your personal skins, because you’ll have to adjust them. Because we spent a LOT of time and $ at physics and 3d models to share YOU this car pack PUBLIC and FOR FREE, we have to present some RULES: WE ALLOW TO: Use this car pack at DCGP official servers and your private servers.
  8. ACDP

    RCH Car Pack


    Here is the new car pack from myself Jamie Healy and our friend JTSDG .. we hope you enjoy them. please let us know any issues feedback by DM. we are aware of some small 3d issues but we are working on update them all to a very good standard along with any other issues found.
  9. 862 downloads

    Electronic Drift Championship Pro Public Pack 2020
  10. 594 downloads

    Created by pilot João Barion and co-founded by Luís Paulo Rosenberg and Breno Coimbra, Ultimate Drift is the result of a great partnership between businessmen in the field of technology, entertainment and motorsport. A project that seeks to take motor sport to a new era: The era of entertainment with emotion. We combine the feeling of being in a show with the emotion of the fastest growing car category around the planet, Drift. Thus, we present a spectacle of drivers, cars, speed, insane maneuvers, burnt tires, lots of smoke and, most importantly, interactivity with the pub
  11. ACDP



    It's official, the ACDFR V2 pack is available! Well that's it after several months of research, modeling, development, galleys and tests, it is finally available! The majority of the models offered are based on replicas of Formula Drift with ACDFR sauce Go to the ACDFR Discord, Section Infos and Download https://discord.gg/dNKuB2 Special thanks to: Picole Vincent for all the work Axel Leroy: Shaders Sylvain Pommarede: Video montages Antony Perazzio: Description Pa Blo: Skin & Rush videos Yiishoon Igen: Skin Bourgon Yann: Skin Jonathan Hoarau: 3d model Taiga: 3d model As well as everything
  12. 958 downloads

    Been working on a more realistic pack for you all to enjoy. All under 400bhp per tonne with a choice of semi slicks. Big thanks to Mitchy Boyd for helping and supplying some awesome sounds! Big thanks to Gav Cummings on real life data and handling to make cars as good as they can be. Thanks to Jay Broster for testing them on the Logitech series wheel. Cars are able to be really snappy with some alignment, damper & diff settings. To install these cars please delete all other cars from Rollzie Motorsport first.
  13. 536 downloads

    dk_gtst34_zurras dk_jz33_huertes dk_lexus_is2jz_celma dk_nissan_s14_joan_tio dk_rx5_alberto_garcia dk_s13_alvaro dk_s14_recue_v2 dk_toyota_supra_aitor_llevot dk_toyota_supra_vic
  14. Version 1.0


    7 drift race cars Custom body kits, rims, interiors by ACORSA|WORKSHOP The most realistic physics model we ever done Extremely well balanced cars (Power ratio, grip rate and equivalence)
  15. Version 1.0


    Ebisu Minami 42 Pits Laser scanned Assetto Corsa Mod Latest AC Custom Shaders IS required!
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