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    Files posted by ACDP

    1. WDT Street Spec

      FD RX7 WDT Street Spec
      E36 328i WDT Street Spec
      E34 WDT Street Spec Japan
      E34 WDT Street Spec
         (0 reviews)
      • 2,113
      • 558
      • 0


    2. EvlRabbit Street carS v2.5

         (0 reviews)
      • 2,411
      • 740
      • 1


    3. Nico Nico Nightkids

      Nico Nico Nightkids
      15 Cars
      More info to come when found
         (0 reviews)
      • 4,131
      • 1,407
      • 2


    4. NNNK Classics Pack

      NNNK Classics Pack
         (0 reviews)
      • 1,863
      • 338
      • 0


    5. Ebisu Circuit North Course(Kita)

      By Lonno
         (0 reviews)
      • 1,934
      • 617
      • 0


    6. [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack

      By Shawn Macht
      [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack
      - Twerkstallion Chrome Skin & Hoss's Boss Skin
      - 2 Extra Skins for Each Car
      - WDTS // GrassRoots Spec
      Special Thanks to VDC & Crymserv for giving me permissions to release these
         (1 review)
      • 2,519
      • 532
      • 0


    7. CG SimStreetz

      Well everyone today is the day the CG crew has been waiting for. Feels like forever been over a year working towards our goals with CG. BUT TODAY WE ANNOUNCE THE BIGGEST LAUNCH WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!! I am so excited to announce our launch of the (CG SIMSTREETZ) and our first ever 2 CLUTCH GANG drift tracks!!!! We have been hard at work and i hope you all enjoy this new content and shred some dam tires out there and have a blast doing it! We have majorly overhauled our physics and tires so the cars should have a more authentic feel to real life. So thanks for everyone's support with us and we plan to continue to bring you all more content in the future. But for now enjoy these cars and tracks and hope to see you in our official clutch gang servers tomorrow !!!
         (0 reviews)
      • 1,186
      • 257
      • 0


    8. Low Style Gang CAR PACK

      Low Style Gang
      CRESTA JZX100
      MARK2 JZX110
      SKYLINE HCR32 4door
      SKYLINE V35 4door
      ONEVIA S13
      SOARER JZZ30
      SKYLINE V36
      RX-7 FC3S
      SILVIA S14 kouki
      SILVIA S15
      ARISTO JZS16
         (0 reviews)
      • 11,650
      • 3,271
      • 0


    9. Style Bangers

      Style Bangers
         (0 reviews)
      • 2,626
      • 550
      • 1


    10. Liivefast street pack

      Liivefast street pack
         (1 review)
      • 3,108
      • 672
      • 0


    11. Downsyde Garage Car Pack 2021

      Hi everyone today we will be releasing 2 of the cars we have been working on for the last 2 years
      The PV Chaser and the BeeR B324R
      These cars have had a lot of work done to them and while we could spend more time on them I think its time for them to go out.
      The Chaser
      We tried to make this as close to its IRL counterpart as we could, however, this car is a bit of a weapon IRL so some liberties have been taken to make it driveable in AC
      If you intend on driving this car with other people, keep a note of how much boost you are running as 100% will walk most things in AC, it spawns at 60%
      This car contains multiple data files for 900 and 1080 as all our cars have
      The BeeR
      During development we had intended for the physics to match the IRL car from 2007-10 RB26, TD06, RB Gearbox
      However, this was very hard to drive and did not compliment the chaser very well
      So now it has an HKS VCAM RB26 in it with a CD009 and a Winters diff, this car contains multiple data files so if you wish to try our original vision for the car it is included as the D1 comp data
      There is also the option of 900 and 1080 for this car as well
      Both cars will also contain "comp" colliders which resemble colliders from VDC style cars
      Encrypted by x4fab
      CSP is required
      All our cars with macpherson suspension fronts need to have the macpherson ffb tweak in csp ffb tweaks DISABLED
         (0 reviews)
      • 4,281
      • 1,071
      • 0


    12. EvlRabbit v2 Street cars

         (0 reviews)
      • 2,902
      • 665
      • 0


    13. Drift Indy Street League Virtual Car Pack

      Includes 4 cars and a track Kilkare Raceway 2021 DISL.
         (0 reviews)
      • 3,137
      • 858
      • 0


    14. Link ECU FD Pack

      The Assetto Corsa Link ECU FD Pack allows you to get behind the wheel of your favourite Link ECU powered Formula Drift car.
      This pack includes the following cars, with more to follow soon:
      Justin "JTP" Pawlak's Ford Mustang
      Jeff Jones' Nissan 350z
      Faruk Kugay's Nissan S14
      Dylan Hughes' BMW E46
         (0 reviews)
      • 4,517
      • 1,127
      • 0


    15. ADC 300hp V2.0

      Tonight we are proud to present our new ADC 300’s V2.0 Firstly Id like to Thank all the people involved in making these cars possible. Tonnes of time went into these, custom body kits on almost every car, custom tyres, custom physics and loads of testing. Thankyou again for all your support over our time making mods (especially the patreons), these are a huge step up from the 420 cars and even comp cars, each car is equipped with the right stuff for the new rain physics when it is released. Please enjoy them and if you want to donate to us for our time please buy a sticker or 3 at https://aussiedriftco.bigcartel.com/
         (0 reviews)
      • 2,686
      • 794
      • 0


    16. J-SiDE Rework Car Pack

      J-SiDE Rework 2.0
         (0 reviews)
      • 3,453
      • 945
      • 0


    17. WMC Car Pack

         (0 reviews)
      • 3,375
      • 488
      • 0


    18. Tsujigiri Car Pack

      Tsujigiri E36 LS3 - Stuart Maclachlan    
      Tsujigiri E36 Turbo - Phil Maclachlan    
      Tsujigiri S13.5 RB20 - Adam Bainbridge    
      Tsujigiri S13.5 RB28 - Adam Bainbridge
      Tsujigiri S14 Zenki - Ben Somerville
      Tsujigiri Toyota Supra 2JZ - Andrea Fabri    
         (0 reviews)
      • 18,801
      • 3,684
      • 0


    19. World Drift Tour 2021 Car Pack

      8 drift race cars
      Custom body kits, rims, interiors by “high dimension”
      The most realistic physics model we ever done
      Extremely well balanced cars (Power ratio, grip rate and equivalence)
      Feel free to use the car pack in your own championship (don’t forget about our logo and Worlddrifttour.com link)
         (0 reviews)
      • 2,666
      • 628
      • 1


    20. DMVC Car Pack

      The official Drift Masters Virtual Championship car pack for assetto corsa
         (0 reviews)
      • 7,425
      • 1,847
      • 1


    21. Rollzie Motorsport Pro-Am 2020

      Been working on a more realistic pack for you all to enjoy.
      All under 400bhp per tonne with a choice of semi slicks.
      Big thanks to
      Mitchy Boyd
      for helping and supplying some awesome sounds!
      Big thanks to
      Gav Cummings
      on real life data and handling to make cars as good as they can be.
      Thanks to
      Jay Broster
      for testing them on the Logitech series wheel.
      Cars are able to be really snappy with some alignment, damper & diff settings.
      To install these cars please delete all other cars from Rollzie Motorsport first.
         (0 reviews)
      • 6,309
      • 1,526
      • 0


    22. Drift Kidds Car Pack

      More info to come
         (0 reviews)
      • 11,851
      • 2,831
      • 1


    23. Drift Corner Grand Prix 2021

      Hope you’re gonna enjoy them as much as we do!
      Extract(!) files in your Assetto Corsa folder: X:\…\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
      All necessary info, sponsor logo templates, name tags etc. will be added with info about skins for next season. So, DO NOT HURRY UP with making your personal skins, because you’ll have to adjust them.
      Because we spent a LOT of time and $ at physics and 3d models to share YOU this car pack PUBLIC and FOR FREE, we have to present some RULES:
      WE ALLOW TO:
      Use this car pack at DCGP official servers and your private servers.
      Use this car pack at your videos or live streams – tagging #dcgp and/or our social medias will be appreciated
      Use this car pack at drift trainings or practice with your mates [if you make it as an Event at FB/Instagram make sure to tag our social medias]
      Use any car from this car pack at any other on-line drift competition than DCGP.
      Use 3d car models from this car pack at any other on-line drift competition than DCGP.
      Use physics from this car pack at your own car pack – by physics we especially mean:a) our tiresb) our suspensionc) our engine tunesd) other related to “data.acd”
      Organize any on-line competition using this car pack without our explicit permission.
      Put this car pack link to your website without tagging our social medias.
      If you have any questions feel free to ask them through our social medias or Discord.
      3d models: @Łukasz Jarecki180sx
      3d model and skin template help: Eskuko Drift
      Rx7 3d model: @Lucas MecadoDCGP
      skins: Krzysztof Rypina
      Car physics: Jakub Artur Kolodziejczyk
      Tires: MAKKI
         (0 reviews)
      • 4,744
      • 1,122
      • 0


    24. RCH Car Pack

      Here is the new car pack from myself
      Jamie Healy
      and our friend JTSDG .. we hope you enjoy them. please let us know any issues feedback by DM. we are aware of some small 3d issues but we are working on update them all to a very good standard along with any other issues found.
         (0 reviews)
      • 9,031
      • 2,462
      • 0


    25. EDC Pro Public Pack 2020

      Electronic Drift Championship Pro Public Pack 2020
         (0 reviews)
      • 6,667
      • 1,307
      • 0


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