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    Files posted by ACDP

    1. VDC Public 2.0 2021

      VDC Public 2.0 Car Pack Update & Additions
      Big updates this time with 3 new additional Cars & updates to all other prior VDC 2.0 Cars.
      A new tire model has also been installed with a lower ideal pressure & adjusted thermals to give you side bite you can count on. Massive Thanks to Ben over at @tsujigiricollective for his role in the development of these tires.
      New Additions include :
      - GT86 - Blitz Aero Speed R-Concept kit by @chiorvently
      - BMW E92 M3 - Pandem Kit by @mateiserban123
      - Nissan S14
      Feature Updates include :
      - RX-7 - TPC Magic Kit by @lsh_design
      - RPS13 - Roush Yates RY45 Swap
      - JZX - Full Interior Update by @joe.s_ac
      - Various Improvements & Updates to all cars.
      - New Tire Model
      HUGE Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this project & those that support us!
      Stay Tuned for another BIG announcement for those interested in earning your VDC License for Season 6!
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    2. Shutoko Project Car Pack

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      • 2,013
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    3. CFD 2020 Car Pack

      CFD 2020 Car Pack
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      • 7,326
      • 1,593
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    4. Tsujigiri Collective Pro

      It's HERE!
      This is Phase One of the new Tsujigiri Collective Pro Pack. The 16 cars contained here form the basis of our new, V3 physics and replace the cars previously used in our competitions as well as the first generation of the JD130 car.
      Within this first part of the Pro Pack you will find:
      BMW E92 N54 Eurofighter
      Toyota AE86 SR20
      Toyota GT86 2JZ
      Toyota SC300 2JZ
      Toyota Altezza 2JZ
      Ford S550 RTR
      Ford SN95 Voodoo Supercharged
      Nissan RPS13 2JZ
      Nissan RPS13.5 RB28
      Nissan PS13 LSX Supercharged
      Nissan PS13 Onevia SR24
      Nissan S14 SR20
      Nissan S14 1JZ
      Nissan S14 RB27
      Nissan S14.9 2JZ
      Nissan S15 2JZ
      Now, we know these don't sound that varied but, trust us, they all have their own unique feel, as well as their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The pack has been created to best represent real life drift cars and that includes their flaws! 
      Got a big power turbo engine? Congratulations! Have a boat-load of boost delay to go with it! 
      Got a giant horsepower V8? Good for you! Have some extra front end weight distribution to bring you back down to earth! 
      Got a nippy little, rev-happy 4-pot? Great! Good luck keeping that spun up on long corners at high speeds!
      Different cars of similar builds might be on different styles of knuckle, or perhaps suspension. Maybe the car comes in at a weight class that doesn't make it competitive but is totally realistic. That's tough! There is no meta car here and that's been the goal right from day 1. 
      So let us know what you think! Download the pack from the link below, enjoy, and remember; Be More Duck!
      With thanks to:
      Chris Wiltowski (VDC)
      Polarfox Plays
      All of our Patreons
      and EVERYONE who helped to make these cars what they now are
      Editing and Clip Collation - Ben Somerville
      Music (with License) - Anton Vlasov, Epic Ride
      Created using HitFilm Express
      All Rights Reserved, Tsujigiri Collective
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    5. Link ECU FD V2

      Link Engine Management brings you the Assetto Corsa Link ECU FD Pack, which allows you to get behind the wheel of your favourite Link ECU powered Formula Drift vehicles.
      Our team has worked alongside the drivers and teams of Formula Drift to replicate their cars, down to the finest details and setups.
      The current pack is version 2 and includes the following cars:
      Name    Vehicle
      Justin "JTP" Pawlak    Ford Mustang
      Jeff Jones    Nissan 370Z
      Faruk Kugay    Nissan S14
      Dylan Hughes    BMW E46
      Travis Reeder    Nissan S13
      Matt Field    C6 Corvette
      Wataru Masuyama    Nissan S15
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    6. Team hush. V2

      We have just completed the works for the new V2 pack, this includes so many great improvements, most notable are the over all feel and handling of each car as well as improvement CSP paint and textures, and 100% more optimization for more fps gain! have fun drifting out there we know we have!
      REMEMBER OUR MOTTO! "Enjoy Oneself"
      The drone camera footage was supplied by witly along with the edit made.
      If you would like to drift with us/me sometime make sure to check the link below to our discord and join over 1800+ members and get your drift fix with us, its an extremely active community!
      this is of course a new YouTube channel that we had to create because of the other one being taken down from a hack that happened a while ago, so make sure you subscribe to stay up to date!
      🔴 Subscribe! upload every week on Monday!
      🟣 Check Out My Twitch here!
      Also! Remember to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS, that way you can get notified right away when we upload more awesome content! Thanks lads!
      🎮 - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/witly
      📸 - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hush.jp
      💬 - Discord: https://discord.gg/ShnWS5B
      WHO ARE WE?
      Realized in late 2020, original roots are from CarX, but since then we have evolved into a fully fledged Assetto Corsa Drift Team, Our Motto was originally "keep drifting fun" we stand by this but we have adopted a new motto,  "Enjoy Oneself", I think this completely resonates what the hush. team is all about, making great content with like minded members for years to come!
      If you are interested in becoming apart of the hush team:
      here are some core things we look for Smoothness, Consistency and Style, these are paramount to our standards to be considered as a candidate for hush, keep in mind if we see potential in you as a individual and you seem like a great fit for the team this all helps, does this sounds like you?
      Give us a message on our discord!
      #assettocorsa #drifting #edit
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    7. Simulation Squad 1to1

      We make AC street car/track mods with logic, common technical sense, and real data.
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      • 4,523
      • 1,000
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    8. ACDFR 2021 Pro

      Before you start please read this small guide to ensure proper use.
      In this pack we have reviewed all 3D models and physics.
      Our dearest wish was to have the rights to use the 3D models.
      This pack concentrates the most emblematic cars of the drift history.
      The spirit of the pack is to transcribe reality, it was developed in collaboration with Mano Ferrara
      (DBZ) and has been approved by real drivers and experienced players.
      Each car comes with a neutral setting, so it's up to you to fine-tune your settings.
      Our advice to use the cars well is to activate the tire wear at 100%.
      For long term arcade use, reduce the wear to 10%.
      Content manager and Custom Shaders Patch are mandatory to use some models.
      Here is a small summary of the biggest changes in this pack:
      - New cars.
      - New tires with realistic wear.
      - New suspensions specific to each car and fully adjustable.
      - New engine sounds specially made for ACDFR by SCIBSOUND.
      - New Skins.
      Thanks to :
      - high dimension, (3D)
      - Lucas Macedo, (3D)
      - Pablo_F20C, (3D, physics)
      - SCIBSOUND, (Audio)
      - DC.Pixs, (Skins)
      - olive11250, (Skins)
      - Mano Ferrara, (Physics)
      - Switchriders, (Beta test)
      - Nicolas Delorme, (Beta test)
      - DBZ, (Beta test)
      All rights reserved to ACDFR.
         (0 reviews)
      • 2,639
      • 498
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    9. DOORBREAKER'Z Comp Car Pack

      The Mod DBZ Competition was worked at length in Physics by Mano Ferrara and Akinastyle to stick as close as possible to reality for each car. This Mod rolls realistically: Heat your tires to have Optimal grip and activate wear!
      Tire level, AkinaStyle has done a lot of research on the general behavior of the tire (pressure, wear, grip) in order to reproduce the effect of a new eraser from the exit of the Assistance Truck at the Fateful moment of changing them!
      Different engines were also made by Akina (2JZ, SR20, LS Supercharger, 4B11)
      Side behaviors, suspension, and skin (except PS13 and Evo X) we will find the work of Mano Ferrara who has also done a lot of research on less different types of suspensions and running gear
      For the Sound, it is SCIBSOUND which has achieved the sounds of the 2JZ, SR20, and V8 to perfection!
       The Mod was developed and Validated by a lot of real Drifters whether in terms of behavior or Immersion
      Big Thanks to Akinastyle, SCIBSOUND,  Alexis.B, Husse, Ewok, Olive, La Team DOORBREAKER'Z, la Team Switchriders, la Team ACDFR
      *- 1  *DBZ COMP Eurofighter E92 2JZ 
      - 1  *DBZ COMP Eurofighter E92 V8 
      - 1  *DBZ COMP EVO X 4B11 
      - 1  *DBZ COMP Mark 2 JZX100 2JZ 
      - 1  *DBZ COMP Nissan Silvia S14 2JZ 
      - 1  *DBZ COMP Silvia PS13 SR20
      - 1  DBZ COMP Silvia S15 SR20
         (0 reviews)
      • 3,393
      • 695
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    10. Gravy Garage Car Pack

      Gravy Garage and friends release!
      Tired of the same old cars you can drive with your eyes closed? Tired of understeering every time you throw in down a big straight? While I was on some time off work, I decided to make some cars I actually like driving (I’m computer illiterate). Replicating my mates and my own real life cars here in Queensland, Australia. Im only learning so plenty of changes to come. designed to be alittle more aggressive to drive and suit the irl drivers more.
      Cars are located in my discord https://discord.gg/qmV2nEXk35
      24/7 server running also- gravygarage & friends
      Keep active in the discord as I’m still working though small things with the cars, aswell as more cars currently being made.
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      • 3,429
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    11. CG Pro Streetz

         (0 reviews)
      • 4,795
      • 918
      • 0


    12. QDC Car Pack

      Info to come
         (0 reviews)
      • 6,694
      • 1,460
      • 0


    13. Team Effort Car Pack

         (0 reviews)
      • 5,558
      • 1,024
      • 3


    14. Nwxt Level Drift Car Pack

      All cars are based on already existing mods
         (1 review)
      • 14,902
      • 3,535
      • 0


    15. GSDC D1

      What's up drifters. So my brother just finished with some pro comp cars we been working on. They're just V1 but we want to share them so we can see what people think and get some feedback. At this moment we have an RB26 370z and JUDD E36 with H-pattern sequential gear boxes These we'll have a pro and pro2 variant. Pro2 having less power and easier to drift. All lights working plus alt #pad 7 and 8 for fogs and extra lights. 
      We would like to know what you guys think so jump on the discord and give us some feedback or just shoot me a pm. Enjoy! 
         (0 reviews)
      • 8,514
      • 1,741
      • 1


    16. CG Grassroots car pack

         (1 review)
      • 8,767
      • 1,947
      • 0


    17. WDT Street Spec

      FD RX7 WDT Street Spec
      E36 328i WDT Street Spec
      E34 WDT Street Spec Japan
      E34 WDT Street Spec
         (0 reviews)
      • 7,194
      • 1,946
      • 0


    18. EvlRabbit Street carS v2.5

         (0 reviews)
      • 12,221
      • 3,337
      • 1


    19. Nico Nico Nightkids

      Nico Nico Nightkids
      15 Cars
      More info to come when found
         (0 reviews)
      • 17,336
      • 4,899
      • 2


    20. NNNK Classics Pack

      NNNK Classics Pack
         (0 reviews)
      • 6,707
      • 984
      • 0


    21. Ebisu Circuit North Course(Kita)

      By Lonno
         (0 reviews)
      • 6,716
      • 1,922
      • 0


    22. [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack

      By Shawn Macht
      [HOONIGAN] Hert & Hoss GrassRoots Pack
      - Twerkstallion Chrome Skin & Hoss's Boss Skin
      - 2 Extra Skins for Each Car
      - WDTS // GrassRoots Spec
      Special Thanks to VDC & Crymserv for giving me permissions to release these
         (1 review)
      • 9,189
      • 1,484
      • 0


    23. CG SimStreetz

      Well everyone today is the day the CG crew has been waiting for. Feels like forever been over a year working towards our goals with CG. BUT TODAY WE ANNOUNCE THE BIGGEST LAUNCH WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!! I am so excited to announce our launch of the (CG SIMSTREETZ) and our first ever 2 CLUTCH GANG drift tracks!!!! We have been hard at work and i hope you all enjoy this new content and shred some dam tires out there and have a blast doing it! We have majorly overhauled our physics and tires so the cars should have a more authentic feel to real life. So thanks for everyone's support with us and we plan to continue to bring you all more content in the future. But for now enjoy these cars and tracks and hope to see you in our official clutch gang servers tomorrow !!!
         (0 reviews)
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    24. Low Style Gang CAR PACK

      Low Style Gang
      CRESTA JZX100
      MARK2 JZX110
      SKYLINE HCR32 4door
      SKYLINE V35 4door
      ONEVIA S13
      SOARER JZZ30
      SKYLINE V36
      RX-7 FC3S
      SILVIA S14 kouki
      SILVIA S15
      ARISTO JZS16
         (0 reviews)
      • 25,784
      • 7,162
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    25. Style Bangers

      Style Bangers
         (0 reviews)
      • 7,907
      • 1,425
      • 1


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