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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Touge track based on real Japanese mountain pass. length: 4200m width: 6m to 10m camber: 0.5 to 1 degree surface: Dusty and old tarmac gutters: 10 to 20 cm depth -v1.0 -Added reverse version -Cams for normal version -Some new tarmac and wall textures -Some new 3d objects -Adjusted guardrails and walls -Wider track on some points -Added 32 pits for normal version and 24 for reversed version -Grass and trees adjustments (floating trees are solved) -Solved sticky guardrails -Adjusted cambers -Resized gutters -Overall track looks better


  2. Version 3.0


    After many months in development the Nissan r32 Skyline is ready for a v0.1 release. Its a beast to drive and is now one of my favorite cars! – Developed by Andrew – Testing and engine power by Chase – Version 0.2 – Has adjustable boost, spawns at 60% KNOWN ISSUES – Exterior and interior sounds are the same – Turbo dose (bov) isn’t consistent with boost throttle off – No dose (bov) from exterior view CHANGELOG v0.2 – Changed engine power to RB26DET – Optimized car poly count from 320k to 140k – Fixed all exterior lights + added Dash lights – Fixed Mirrors – Calibrated all gauges correctly (added fuel gauge) – Added Final Gear ratio – Updated Boost gauge – Fixed collider issue CHANGELOG v0.3 – Updated working with Assetto Corsa 1.1 Please share this blog post instead of the download link. Also please do not modify or change the car in any way. Enjoy! UPDATE 1/27/19 SOUND DOES NOT WORK!! I Am Fixing This As Of Now Thx


  3. Colosus

    TNT Mod pack

    No Sound But Cars look Ok
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