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  1. Toyota Cresta 1JZ-GTE

    Version 1.0.0


    Toyota Cresta Vertex JZX100 1JZ-GTE 335whp welded diff. coilover kit. knuckles mod. A true street replica its not a full adjustable built drift car. This car was built to emulate coming to the streets in japan. When besides dank miso youre scraping by for tires and keeping your bodykit and wheels clean. lower powerd turbo mayhem. This is revision one. Update with more skins and fixed pillars will drop next week after some feedback from you guys on anything else that may need fixed. The car is 4k mapped with templates and AO mapping in the template folder within the root folder of the car. I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks Thor Porup Rasmussen for the sick skin and helping me find mesh errors. The original model is credited to: https://vk.com/ondori_workshop