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  1. just have a look on our fb page to stay tuned ;P https://www.facebook.com/groups/119869641975310/
  2. GUERILLA Mods

    MadZ car pack

    dude really? stop trolling capable modders.... taking a bath of fame from guys who does the main work on 'your' pack and call it your 'own' without even giving credits the guys you've robbed is more like posting photos of a ferrari in your fb profile and call it yours (everyone knows how poor this is...)
  3. GUERILLA Mods

    MadZ car pack

    ^^ exactly! stolen mods tuned with car tuner and 3dsimed...
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Small collection of some GUERILLA Mods cars BMW 328i E36 Turbo Japan Design v. 1.2 BHP: 197 bhp (374 bhp on 100% turbo settings) Torque: 280 Nm (484 Nm on 100% turbo settings) Weight: 1295 kg - working hazard lights (pit lights) - working flash lights Credits goes to: - Titan Mod (car base) - Street Heroes / Los Tunes (front rims, tires, driver seat) - SP Mod (rear rims and tires) - Jack Thorpe (shader, uvmap and quality management) - Guerilla Mods (bodykit, physics and overall) Lexus IS 300 (Japanese: レクサス・IS, Rekusasu IS) Produced as a direct competitor to the luxury sports sedans of the leading European luxury marques, the XE10 series Toyota Altezza and Lexus IS was designed with a greater performance emphasis than typically seen on prior Japanese luxury vehicles. The engineering work was led by Nobuaki Katayama from 1994 to 1998 under the 038T program code, who was responsible for the AE86 project. Design work by Tomoyasu Nishi was frozen in 1996 and filed under patent number 1030135 on December 5, 1996, at the Japan Patent Office. At its introduction to Japan, it was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called Toyota Netz Store, until Lexus was introduced to Japan in 2006. The Japan-sold AS200 Altezza sedan and AS300 Altezza Gita formed the basis for the Lexus IS 200 and IS 300 models respectively, sold in markets outside Japan, primarily North America, Australia, and Europe. The Altezza Gita was a hatchback-station wagon version sold in Japan and was known in the US and Europe as the Lexus IS SportCross. The AS300 Altezza Gita was the only Altezza with the 2JZ-GE engine, while in export markets, this engine was available in the sedan models as well, as the Lexus IS300 Sedan. Pit rev limiter set to 100% (6900rpm) turbo 0% = 217 bhp@5800rpm, 295 Nm@3800rpm Pit rev limiter set to 130% (9000rpm) turbo 100% = 470 bhp@8400rpm, 500 Nm@5800rpm Credits goes to: - Forza (car base) - Street Heroes / Los Tunes / ALEXANDER ALEXANDER (rims, tires, steering wheel, seats, gauges, intercooler, cup holder,gear stick) - Jack Thorpe (interior, shader, ao maping) - Guerilla Mods (conversion, physics, sound and overall) Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki Rocket Bunny Version 1 - 2 RB26DETT BHP: 419 bhp (356 bhp on stock 50% turbo settings) Torque: 617 Nm Weight: 1255 kg Version 3 RB20DETT BHP: 250 bhp Torque: 287 Nm Weight: 1255 kg - chameleon paint jobs - working hazard lights (pit lights) - working flash lights - skin friendly Credits goes to: - Forza (car base) - Street Heroes / Los Tunes (rims, tires, breaking systems, steering wheels, seats, gauges, intercooler) - Jack Thorpe (shader) - Guerilla Mods (conversion, physics and overall) Nissan 240SX Coffman Racing Mod Includes: - Damage model - 1K, 2K and 4K skins of 2015,16,17 - Fully modeled engine bay - Exhaust system - Formula D additional brake lights - Differential - Suspension to come as close as possible to it's real life counterpart - Physics are adjusted to match the FD Replica pack from Dspec Credits: • Timo Hartmann (3D - physics - overall management) • Antonio Bonacci (3D - quality management) • BRN (main quality management - release trailer) A big thanks to: • Darrin Hillier (tyre physics) • WKMOD • STREET HEROES - Jonathan Eudet (3D rocketbunny kit)
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