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  1. Ok, its 100% my graphics cards, my mate took round his geforce GTX1050ti and it worked a treat with 20 odd cars on track:)
  2. Welcome Pretty new to this my self, only been on assetto for about 3 months Started off with a laptop and an xbox controller, now it has grown arms and legs haha
  3. Cheers Am running a Radion 5850 AMD GPU which i know is pretty old lol 16gb ram, Athlon AMD quad core cpu on a gigabyte gaming mother board i run Assetto on a second 1t hard drive and my OS is on a second 500gb hard drive Hope this helps
  4. Morning all looking for some advise, am pretty new to PC gaming so please be kind if am being stupid when drifting on line, if more than say 5 cars join my PFS drops tp below 10 and the game become unplayable, i was pretty sure this was down to my graphics card but when join an online race with nearly 20 cars its plays fine. Anything i can do in the setting of the game of my PC to help it play better while drifting? Thanks
  5. Discord is what me and my mate use, feel free to add me if you up for some skids:) e36mckinnon
  6. Welcome Not a very chatty bunch on here lol, where about in the uk are you from? Pretty new to this my self but picked it up pretty well, Setting up your own server is straight forward enough, plenty content online that will help you out. Are you using any chat program ie discord? be good to get a server going and skid:: Cheers Duncan
  7. How we all doing? Am Duncan from Aberdeen in Scotland, only been on assetto for about 3-4 weeks, proper in love with it, first time drifting in game etc Done a fair bit in real life so thought i would give the PC a go. looking forwarding to drifting with some of you:)
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