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  1. Version 1.1


    Made In Kart Joigny Creator : FumiHerox location : France This track was used during the Zeknova Days 2020 drift event with some pro drivers and youtubers ---- INFO ---- Work in progress 20 pits 3D from an old mod on Rfactor Flag from CFD tracks ------------------- HELP and testing ------------------- Thanks to MADE IN KART staff to have agree the use of the 3D TMCHARLY LORZIA Cryms 86Power pompom89 Unity
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Kortug's Nissan S15 street --------------------------------- !!! 3D MODEL REPLICA ONLY !!! --------------------------------- CAR SPECS ------------ SR20DET 1.5 BAR Turbo 385HP ---> 7000RPM 483Nm ---> 4500RPM --------- CREDITS --------- Suspension Physic from Dead By Night S15 Sound from Dead By Night S15 Engine : Dead By Night S15 [MODIFIED] SR20DET Turbo 1.5 BAR 3D base from tando budies 3D hood from DWG Rims from ??? -------------------------- Work on mod and HELP -------------------------- - FumiHerox - Nervous Amar -
  3. Version 2.1.5


    BMW E36 320i N/A 2.1.5 3D BASED ON THE 328I CRYMS Optimized setup for low power drifting SETUP FRONT KW basic Coilovers REAR Short springs ENGINE SPECS ( real values from a dyno ) 150whp @6000rpm 196Nm @4500rpm EXTERIOR ESTHETICS Stickers : Barjozoku Hardtuned Driftworks Crepery Factory INTERIOR Sparco seats Sparco steering wheel CREDITS Suspension DATA By Fumiherox , Akina Style , Hazard Lights By IRT Zilla some shaders By Nounourscoss Base model: WMC Rims: HRE from forza Interior: WMC, Drift Workshop, Guerilla
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Fumi Mazda RX3 DRIFT ------------ Version : 1.0 ------------ CAR SPECS Rotary Engine Twin Turbo ~350 HP ~850Kg WDTS Tyres Supension WDTS AE86 Modified --------------------------------- Rims - SSR Formula Mesh 3D Base model - WKmod RX3 GT Overfender From a RFactor MOD 3D DASHBOARD - CS BMW E92 Eurofighter SOUND - KS Mazda RX7 Tuned --------------------------------- Help and working on the project: --------------------------------- -IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -by the ways -Minotor972
  5. FumiHerox

    Fumi BMW E34

    Version 1.0


    FUMI BMW E34 BARJORBARBU -------------------------------------------------------- !!! 3D MODEL REPLICA ONLY !!! -------------------------------------------------------- CAR SPEC STRAIGHT 6 NA ~280 HP 1650kg steer angle ~50° 3 SET OF TYRES STREET 90S STREET SEMI SLICK -------------------------------------------------------- MISC RIMS = Work VS XX STEERING WHEEL = GRIP ROYAL WOOD SKIN ENGINE SOUND = FLG Street e46xR33 328i DRIFT 3D base model = STS E34 -------------------------------------------------------- This car is available on the
  6. Version 1.2


    !!!warning!!! it's a WIP BMW 318IS N/A FULL STOCK ENGINE SETUP BCRacing coilovers contributors : Tanguy Cryms Primerah Nounourscoss
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