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  1. DriftingBeast JZXZERO

    View File DriftingBeast JZXZERO Based : VDC car KeepDriftingFun...! Please post your feel Submitter John Doe Submitted 06/22/2018 Category Cars Install with http://acstuff.ru/s/Gi1LVtuI9M_aPJ82Zfq3KJaaVfNTLoSw2uZ  
  2. DriftingBeast JZXZERO

    Version 1.0.0


    Based : VDC car KeepDriftingFun...! Please post your feel setup : please drop your "documents>Assetto Corsa"


  3. DriftingBeast GTV86

    hmmm... I am not so familiar about app... If I could instruct the installation method again,you can try install with AC Content Manager
  4. DriftingBeast GTV86

    Sorry about this. But I uploaded .7z file. Check again your unpack app
  5. DriftingBeast GTV86

    Version 1.1.2


    KeepDriftingFun...! Please post your feel Drive in VDC_Tsukuba