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  1. Am i the only one who gets the problem of the rear right wheel completely bending inside the car? Anyone else having this? I cant drive the car. Its not even a crash or anything, Ill do one turn and the car goes wack.
  2. I was hoping to find someone who creates cars and ask to make Aasbo's FD 2019 Corolla? Honestly would be willing to pay for it as well. Love that car and would love to slide it in game. If anyone has any ideas or people i can reach out to, please let me know!
  3. Hey guys, Everytime I wait for the download, it says the ip address cant be found. Any help please? This is what it says. This site can’t be reached downloads.acdriftingpro.com’s server IP address could not be found. Search Google for downloads acdriftingpro 18097027 virtual drift championship ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
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