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Found 4 results

  1. 15,063 downloads

    Fujimi Kaido 2020 by: ДЯДЯ ДИМА ============================ Full conversion map from Forza Motorsport Features: ======== -original track -tarmac/asphalt -full circuit -14 layouts -12pit boxes -light effects -drift/touge map -replay cams -radar -map NOTICE: ====== stFlow shader is needed ( https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/stflow-shader.23999/ ) IMPORTANT: ========== 1. Please do not re-upload or edit the map to any public website without permission first Paypal: ====== https://www.paypal.me/esprit3905 Cheers and have fun ? Black Velvet Tzenamo
  2. 10,623 downloads

    Akagi Mountain Pass by: Black Velvet Tzenamo ======================================= rfactor version by Project KAIDO Rework and build by Black Velvet Tzenamo Features: ======== 3 layouts (downhill/uphill/freeroam) -textures/materials -drift/touge map -original track -tarmac/asphalt -light config -20 pit boxes -all seasons -replay cams -vao config -ghost mode -grassfx -hotlap -radar -map NOTICE: ====== Extract the "extension" file into your main game directory to ensure that all of the VAO patches/grassFX/smoke and Light config are installed. IMPORTANT: ========== 1. Please do not re-upload or edit the map to any public website without permission first Paypal: ====== https://www.paypal.me/bvtzenamo Youtube: ======== Cheers and have fun ? Black Velvet Tzenamo
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Sakina Hill by: BV Tzenamo ==================== Rebuild and remake map for AC Conversion from GTA Sa Features: - hillclimb/mountain - replay cameras - optimization - 20 pit boxes - 3 layouts - sol support - shaders patch - vao patch - grass fx - seasons - rain fx - lights - radar - map For any donations: https://www.paypal.me/bvtzenamo Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzFhm9zKkgmByDCSQuSFFmA IMPORTANT: ========== 1. In order to see all the goodies of the config you need to have csp version 0.1.60 and above. 2. Please do not edit or re-upload the map to any public website without permission first. * Special thanks to Rod Vion Cheers and have fun 😊 BV Tzenamo
  4. Tzenamo


    Version 1.0.0


    Track: Damapur Length: 17.5 km Elevation change: 455m 2 layouts: normal and reverse Circuit mode 30 pits/starts place Replay camera Grass FX Lights Map AI The textures are free from the internet and redesign The track was made in Blender, created by Rod Vion Grass FX/ csp / online fix by: BV Tzenamo If you want the tunnel light to work in daylight, set it up like the pic: (Does not work with Sol_Extra and Default filters) Donate: https://paypal.me/rodivion Video:
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